You read the title right. I truly believe that the Google Pixel 6 is the MVP Smartphone of 2021. Why? There are a bunch of different reasons why, but I want to focus on four key main aspects about the phone that in my opinion, make this the MVP.

I just want to state that this is my opinion and thoughts and you may agree or disagree and that is completely fine because that is what makes all of us unique! Anyway, let me get right into explaining!
Software Experience

Software Experience and performance is huge for smartphones:

If it is a smooth, and clean experience, we know that smartphone will end up performing well. Google pushes out its latest Android software updates to Pixel devices on day one and let me tell you, I have truly enjoyed every single moment with the huge redesign overhaul in Android 12, also known as Material You.

We can’t forget about Google Tensor; Google’s first in-built SOC (System-On-A-Chip). When it comes to benchmarks, Tensor was said to perform almost the same as the Snapdragon 888 chip and being a first-gen chip, I haven’t run into any issue whatsoever. No lag, no stutter, nothing of any sort.

The design

The Pixel 6 is a huge departure from the Pixel 5 since Google has decided to give the 6 a huge overhaul. Some may not like this new design, but I’m all for it. I love how the Pixel 6 has a dual tone color finish and the materials Google uses is premium. Pixel 6 comes built with glass on both the front and back and matte aluminum sides. I honestly wish every phone had matte sides, but oh well. The unique striking design of the Pixel 6 clearly makes a statement when you hold a phone and it’s easily recognizable, Smartphone.

We also get this camera bar that goes across the back of the phone and this is where some may not like it, but I seem to grow into this clean look. The good thing is that when I place the Pixel 6 on a table, it doesn’t rock back and forth like something like the iPhone 13 Pro Max or The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Pixel devices means Smartphone.

However, it gets even better with the Pixel 6. While we’ve seen great photo quality for years from the Pixel lineup, video quality didn’t perform too well. This year with the Pixel 6 changes everything. Photo has taken a huge leap and the results are amazing and video has also seen a huge improvement. I’ll leave the full link of my YouTube video review of the Pixel 6 here if you would like to see photo and video samples.

Google was known for the great implementation of computational photography which meant great software. However, this year, Google has changed up the hardware too bringing in a new 48mp main camera which ultimately will result in better photos.

Smartphone Price

We can’t have a conversation of the Pixel 6 if we don’t talk about price. I really do believe that the pricing of the Pixel 6 is a huge success and right on point.
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I originally was thinking that for everything we were going to get in this phone. It would be priced at $799 or $699 at the very least. Guess what? I was wrong.
For $599, the Pixel 6 is a steal!! From it’s unique design to stellar software performance to a visually appealing camera. I honestly think this couldn’t have been priced better. When compared to its competitors, it seriously offers more of a deal. In other words, the best bang for your buck Smartphone.

I’d definitely recommend trying out the Pixel 6 or any other device really when you’re out looking to purchase a new smartphone. With all of the smartphones we got in 2021, I truly believe the Pixel 6 is the MVP.
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It has improved the most when compared to its predecessor and it offers the best bang for your buck!