Why does it feel like we don’t have a Civilization? I’m going to explain the answer to you, only you’re not going to like it. You’re going to fight it, as hard as you can, probably. That, too, is part of the problem — because nothing I’m going to tell you is my opinion, just cold, hard fact. Let’s begin here.

Here are three tiny facts Civilization.

One: the world’s richest men — and they’re all men — grew so much richer during the pandemic that they could have each single-handedly funded ending itwith what the IMF needs to vaccinate the worldwith what they gainedand still have the majority of their money left over. Yet here we areand a newer, more infectious variant of Covid is now surging.

Two: just 100 corporations are responsible for more than 70% of carbon emissions. Yet here we arethe temperature predictably, dismally rising every year, as we hit the verge of runaway climate change.
Three: our societies appear to be going insane, as disinformation spreads. Vast numbers of people believe that masks and vaccines are more dangerous than a deadly virus, and equate them with a literal Holocaustbecause that’s what they’re told online, over and over again, bombarded by nonsense and propaganda. But this immense scale of disinformation is now destabilising our very societies, leaving them fractured, paralyzed, people at each others’ throats.

Civilization do those facts tell you?

Now let’s come to my second fact. A handful of corporations are responsible for the vast majority of climate change emissions. That’s a much more intelligent way to look at it than dividing it up by countries. Why? Because corporations are of course transnational. We can say, for example, that China and India’s emissions are rising — but that doesn’t really tell the story. What is happening in the real world is that capitalism is burning our planet to a cinder.

Mega-corporations are the world’s polluters — not nations, really. They’re the ones who own and run all those dirty energy. Some of them are state-owned, it’s true.
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But that doesn’t tell the story. For example, Saudi Aramco was established as a joint venture with Standard Oil way back in the 1930s. The Saudi Government bought up all the shares in the 70s.

Hence, we have a bizarre:

Situation where governments strike climate change “deals.” And yet they have little to no power to really enforce much of anything, because of course the corporations who are major polluters are transnational. Those deals are nonbinding to begin with precisely because the major polluters are corporations.
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That is why we have this weird situation where the world’s leaders come together, lament, sign some agreement, celebrateand emissions just keep on rising.

Capitalism is way, way more powerful than government as an institution. We have no real form of global governance with teeth to begin with. So of course there is nobody left, really, who can stop emissions from rising. One country can sue some corporation, another can try to ban it, but in the end, nothing much happens.
So we are left with this framework which is clearly not working. It’s the old, bad idea of letting capitalism “police” itself, which is a little bit like asking serial killers to be cops.

The idea is that Civilization:

Their “owners” will and shouldsave the planet. Don’t take it from me:
“The UN chief added that it is time to go “into emergency mode,” ending fossil fuel subsidies, phasing out coal, putting a price on carbon, protecting vulnerable communities, and delivering the $100 billion climate finance commitment.”
But then he said.
“We did not achieve these goals at this conference. But we have some building blocks for progress,” he said.” SadLOL.

Let’s note, while we’re at it, that figure, too. The $100 billion climate finance commitment — that’s what developing countries are asking for to help fight climate change. Remember how ending the pandemic needed $50 billion? And billionaires made more than that just during the pandemic?
This is chump change. The amounts we need to begin solving these problems are not huge. They’re infinitesimal. And we can’t even raise that much. Because why? Because capitalism.