All dreams have a protective function showing. They protect your mental health and your life.

The main messages contain in nightmares and bad dreams usually show you that you are making mistakes because you are not paying attention to all dangers, you are listening to the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience to your conscience, and you are not analyzing your reality with objectivity.

Bad dreams usually show you that you think base on past conclusions, which were influence by various traumatic experiences. They also show you that you are not able to control your behavior in numerous situations.

In the past you believe that you were intelligent and that you were a good person besides your defects, but today you know that your conscious level is too low and you are in fact a mentally retard. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your satanic anti-conscience, and your tiny conscience must be develop.

This is a very unpleasant and disappointing truth

But you can become a sensitive genius by doing what God shows in your dreams.

God sends you important warnings in dreams because you have to stop doing what works against you. You have to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness and become a wise and sensitive human being. This is how you will find peace, sound mental health, love, and happiness.

Otherwise, you will be expose to numerous dangers and you will probably acquire a severe mental illness like most people in the world. Many people believe that only a small percentage of the world population is mentally ill, but the truth is that we are mentally ill from birth. Only those who manage to attain sanctity are mentally healthy.

Not all mental disorders are diagnosed and many of them were not discovered by the doctors of our historical time, even though they keep discovering new mental health problems all the time.
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Today you know that every mental disorder must be cured based on the cultivation of goodness in our hearts because Carl Jung discovered how to translate God’s words in dreams and how to cure mental health problems thanks to this information, and I managed to continue his research by obeying the guidance I had in my dreams after following his steps.

This is a privilege

Your ancestors couldn’t understand how and why mental disorders were formed, or how they could be cured.

Today you know that the biggest part of your brain belongs to your satanic anti-conscience, which is as self-destructive as a bomb ready to explode. Your tiny conscience is a cover that covers the primitive and self-destructive demon existent in your brain to help you transform it into a peaceful and moralistic human being.

The fact that you can think is a very dangerous matter.

You must learn how to organize your thoughts base on goodness and show compassion to all human beings in all situations of life.

However, since you are a terrible demon with a tiny human conscience you have to make many efforts to preserve your conscience and transform your evil self into a human being.

The bitter truth is that when you are betray you hate compassion. Your goodness always depends on secondary intentions. You are a good person only with those you want to impress.

All human beings are in fact vampires with a microscopic human side

If you didn’t attain sanctity, you are not an exception. Therefore, you tend to be extremely selfish and have negative reactions like everyone else.

This is a bitter truth, but now that you have this knowledge. You can open your eyes and see that the human behavior really is absurd and evil, and protect your poor conscience.

Until today you didn’t know that your mental health. Was in danger but now that you have this knowledge you can preserve.
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Your sanity through dream translation and become an admirable human being.

Christina Sponias continue Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche. Discovering the cure for all mental illnesses. And simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you. How to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.