There are various cures and one can choose from any of these. Candidiasis or yeast infection is seing in both men and women. People suffering from AID’s, Cancer, Transplants, etc are prone to this disease because their immune system isn’t strong enough to fight it off. This disease if not treated on time can prove to be potentially life threatening.

There are a number of diseases caused due to these and their symptoms differ according to its severity. There are various types such as candidal intertrigo, oral candidiasis, perinial candidiasis, etc. They can be cured easily if they are detected in the initial stage.

The Various causes are the presence of harmful bacteria in the body.

If the immune system isn’t strong enough to fight them off then they can spread easily in certain location. T his infection is more common in women as compared to men. During pregnancy the consumption of drugs and oral contraceptives can lead to them.

The symptoms are burning sensation, itching, redness, discomfort, etc. If not treated immediately it can be fatal. Various treatments are available depending upon the area infected. It is diagnosed through microscopic examination and culturing.

There are various home remedies for its treatment.

One can take get information on this on the internet or can read them in various health magazines that give information on these. If one doesn’t feel like using medication then they can just go to their kitchen and use the ingredients.

They can bought from any retail store or a food mart. The various home remedies are tea tree oil, vinegar, ginger, etc. If done properly and used regularly as directed the give satisfactory results and one can get rid of the infection.

This infection is easily transferring:

During intercourse so one should abstain from this while taking treatment. There are various surgical methods too. One can visit their respective physicians and get a treatment for this. The micines recommend should take in the proper quantity and on the right time to get fast and good results. They can get rid of fast if it detect in the initial stage and treatment is taking immiately.

Various Hygiene should maintain at all times.
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The affect should be wash daily with an anti-microbial soap. Lack of hygiene increases the chances of getting infect by this. Wearing lose and cotton clothes is recommend as air supply to the infect area is necessary. One must keep his/her underwear clean and wear clean ones every day. This doesn’t require much effort.

One must just be smart enough to detect the symptoms and get it treat as soon as possible.
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This helps to kill it in its initial stage and prevents it spreading. If ones immune system is strong then he has nothing to worry about.