There are many technologies that can be used in a software engineering project.
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 Java, Swift and AngularJS are all options for developers. The quality of the developer will greatly impact the outcome of the project.

Regardless of what you may think, human error is the main cause of software development problems. It is important to find skilled developers in order to avoid making mistakes such as the ones below.

Software Outsourcing Company to the Wolves

Many businesses who hire software outsourcing companies believe that they only need to find a partner to get started. This is completely false. It is impossible to produce high-quality work without a strong partnership between the outsourcing company’s client and the outsourcing company.

Software development projects need a well-organized engineering process, clear goals, and commitments. Communication is essential for all of these.

Don’t Trust the Software Outsourcing Company

Only humans can develop software. They must trust each other. Trust is often underestimated. Trust is only built over time. Their trust grows when you are open with them and make timely payments. Your trust in the developers grows as they deliver quality products.

Remember that each comment made on Slack or email, every conversation and even team call will either build trust or produce the exact opposite.
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Not being honest

Without full disclosure, trust is impossible. If you conceal bad news, your project may not be successful. Transparency and clarity are essential for outsourcing partners in all aspects of a project. This covers work schedule, deliverables and team priorities as well as documentation and software quality.

Senior Management is not committed

All organizations receive guidance from the top. Therefore, senior management ensures that risks are not taken without support. There is always risk when outsourcing software development. Management should support both minor and major changes.

It all starts with a shared vision of how the initiative will achieve its strategic goals. Both companies must play their part to ensure mutual success. Senior management should be able to develop realistic expectations, communication methods and success metrics.

Knowledge Transfer is not available

It is important to have knowledge transfer protocols in place when outsourcing software development. Both the service provider and client must work together to define project technical requirements and produce the desired product. Outsourced products can be difficult to transfer knowledge if it is not complete.

It is important to establish a knowledge base early in the project. As members of the team get to know each other, this knowledge base should be established. This is a stage where trust is crucial. We already mentioned this as important.