Top 5 Non-Food Uses For Sugar How much do you know about sugar, one of the oldest ingredients available on this planet? Most of the people only know that it is used to add flavor in various delicious recipes. Some people considered that is bad for health and some take it as a good ingredient to use. There are so many myths around us.
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It has so many food uses, apart from this; you can do so many things with sugar besides eating it. Surprised, don’t be because it’s true and here is a list of top 5 nonfood uses of sugar that will surely amaze you.

Clean your hands:

If you are doing some greasy work, then your hands will surely become sticky and your regular soap will never take that stickiness away. At that time, you can use sugar to cut the grease and scrub it away. You just need to take a teaspoon of sugar into the palm and wash with regular soap as usual. You will surprise to see the results.

Homemade sugar scrubs Top 5 Non-Food Uses For Sugar:

Sugar is really helpful to remove dead skin and therefore widely used in various body care products. Don’t be confused, just take brown sugar with almond or any with your favorite essential oils and mix it well. Your homemade scrub is ready to use, which helps to provide a blemish-free skin.

Clean the coffee or spice grinder: Sometimes, your grinders still have the essence of spice or cold coffee and never remove it even after a wash. So, sugar will help you to remove that smell and greasy layer from your grinders. Isn’t great? Of course, it is so, the next time you don’t need to struggle with this problem.

Stain remover Top 5 Non-Food Uses For Sugar:

Is your favorite dress having a coffee or any other stain, then don’t need to worry. You can use sugar to remove the stain and its 100% work. You just need to mix it with water and vinegar and make a paste and apply it on the stain and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. After that, you can wash it with cold water and you will surprise to see that the stain is totally removed and you can wear your favorite dress again.
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Art: This is a great way to use sugar cubes if you actually want to make art yourself. These cubes can dye, stacked, glued and shaped for all kinds of creative fun. So, you can use it to make d├ęcor items and show your creativity.

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