Chinese food can be found in almost every country. And it is our go-to food when we want to eat something that has different kinds of flavor and spices in it. Also, most of them are affordable and offer delivery. Nowadays, we rely on food delivery services since we can no longer go out and eat in restaurants. Chinses foods are the most popular type of food that is being ordered for take-away or for delivery in America. But it seems like Americans, in general, have their favorite go-to Chinese foods.

Here is a list of the most popular Chinese food in America.

1. General Tso’s Chicken –

If you are familiar with Chinese cuisine, General Tso’s Chicken may be your number one favorite. It is closely similar to the chicken teriyaki because it has a sweet and spicy taste to it. It is made of skinless chicken thighs with soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame seeds, and other ingredients.
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This Chinese food is the number-one selling of go-to food by many Americans.

2. Crab Rangoon –

Crab Rangon is everyone’s favorite appetizer.

3. Egg Roll –

Egg roll is a deep-fried wrapper with vegetables or meat inside. There are different variations for you to choose from to make your favorite egg roll.

4. Sesame Chicken –

Sesame chicken, is similar to General Tso’s Chicken. You have the option to have it served with sticky rice or regular steamed jasmine rice. Nowadays, people are cooking sesame chicken in their kitchen. This is because there are only a few ingredients need, and the cooking process is easy. But it is still one of the top favorite Chinese food by Americans.

5. Wonton Soup –

Wonton soup is made with cabbage, other vegetables, and some dumplings. The wonton wrapper fill with grounded pork and then cooked with the other vegetables. It often serve with the other fried Chinese foods because the soup complements the taste of the other Chinese food.

6. Fried Rice – Chinese

Chinese fried rice comes in different kinds. Some are vegetable-base, and some are meat-base. But the most common fried rice is the garlic rice and the fried rice chicken. A lot of Asian people make fried rice if they have a lot of left-over food in the fridge. Recooking the foods that are in the fridge and mix them in the fried rice is one way in saving food and at the same time not putting them to waste.

7. Sweet and Sour Chicken – Chinese

Another famous Chinese food is the Sweet and Sour chicken. This dish gives you the option to choose which part of the chicken you want to have. But there are times when the chicken is chop in cubes, and it is serve with vegetables. But the essential parts of this dish are the wings and drumsticks. It is then glaz with sweet and sour sauce to complete the meal. You can even add hot sauce if you want to have a little bit of kick in your dish.

8. Orange Chicken –

Orange chicken, is a deep-fried chicken with a sweet and sour sauce that has a hint of orange. The after-taste of the orange gives the fried chicken a whole new twist. But there are times when the orange chicken looks differently. Some restaurants cook the chicken with the orange allowing the chicken meat to absorb the juice from the orange. And it glaze with the sweet and sour sauce that also has orange juice.

9. Hot and Sour Soup – Chinese

If you are into mushrooms, tangy flavor, and thick broth, the hot and sour soup is the perfect Chinese soup that you can get. The food is make with chicken stock and flavored with all the other Asian spices. Every restaurant may not have the same taste as this kind of soup. Because every restaurant has their version and own style of making it. nonetheless, it still tastes good, and it is one of the most favorite Chinese dishes by Americans

10. Pot Sticker –

Pot Sticker is a protein-rich Chinese food.

It goes well with soy sauce with tomato and onions in it. And it tastes good if you eat it with rice. But it is also good to eat it as it is.

Asian food is know for its different kinds of flavor and the explosion of herbs in every dish. This is also the reason why a lot of western people love to travel to Asia. The food is exciting and has a lot to offer.

Nowadays, Asian food exists in all parts of the western world. Most especially Chinese food. In every country, there are at least 2 or 3 china towns that sell almost all kinds of Chinese cooking. And there are different kinds of Chinese food that you must try.
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But the list above is the top favorite Chinese foods by Americans. But don’t be afraid to explore more! You will surprise that Chinese cuisine has a lot more to offer.