You may know the ‘Blue Chipper’ as ‘The Impact Player’, ‘The Stud’, ‘The Go-To Player’, or ‘Can’t Miss’. What happens if you are one grade younger than someone who plays the same position as you in your sport in your school at the same time as you? Sometimes it’s just the luck, or un-luck, of the draw that puts you in that predicament. You may be a better athlete, but…
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You may be more versatile and have the ability to play multiple positions while the Blue Chipper is very good at only one position.

The coach may play seniors rather than underclassmen as their reward for being a good player and a good teammate and working their way through the system.
You may have an inflated self-worth and not be as good as you think you are and the Blue Chipper deserves the roster spot.

The coach may be grooming a player with an eye towards next year’s team.

Whatever the real or perceived reason, you are either playing out of position or not playing at all which negatively impacts your stats and visibility to college coaches. If you have the athletic ability, academic ability, commitment, desire, work ethic and family support to play sports in college, you must work around this obstacle. This may or may not be the first time you encounter this situation, but you will probably encounter it again if you continue to play high level, organized sport.

Here are three extra things to do if you play behind the Blue Chipper:

DON’T QUIT. Quitting might seem like the thing to do if you are not getting playing time but it will haunt you now and in the future. This is the time to show your commitment and strength of character. College coaches do not recruit quitters. There is no excuse to quit a team because you feel you are not being treated fairly. If you quit your high school team then you may quit your college team and so-on.


Eventually you will get the opportunity to play and you must be ready to ‘carpe diem’, seize the day or seize the opportunity. Practice with additional zest and intensity, run harder, lift more, come to practice early, and stay late after practice; show the team and your coach that you mean business and that you deserve your position. Nothing beats hard work; nothing.


Be a source of inspiration to your teammates. Brainstorm with the coach. Help your team to be more successful through your insight and game knowledge. If you are good, you should be able to make positive coaching recommendations to other players on the team and help the overall winning mentality and ultimate team success. Don’t be a negative distraction because you feel you deserve more and have been short changed.
Playing sports in college is an honor and a privilege. It requires a student-athlete to be more than just a student and more than just an athlete. It requires an extra level of character and conviction. When things don’t always go your way, you must be there to support the team and make the team stronger because of your individual effort.
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