While you may not be familiar with the term ‘them environments’, there’s no doubt you’ve experienc them. If you’ve been to a theme park. Themed water park or museum, you’ve certainly seen some theming handiwork.

Even if you’ve been to a shopping mall:

Casino or resort, you’ve probably been expos to the world of them environments – and thanks to advances in technology, you’ll probably be seeing much more of them in the future. Automat foam carving systems are ensuring that them environments are not only here to stay, but that their scale, creativity and presence will continue to grow.
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In the past, the production of them environments has been a labor of love. Without the benefits of technology, hand carving has always been the order of the day, creating processes that leave much to be desir. Just consider the size of many them creations, and you can understand how carving by hand can be a tall order.

Untold hours requir to Themed:

Large scale projects, and in a world of licens characters, architectural reproductions and artistic interpretation where scale and accuracy are absolutely critical, there’s little room for error or inaccuracy. Not surprisingly, the craft of creating them environments has become highly specializ, with a select few companies creating top notch work. The times, however, are changing.

New automat carving technologies pioneer by Streamline Automation are bringing together the art of hand carving and the efficiencies of automation in a solution that’s revolutionizing the industry and bringing the quality of them environments to all-time highs. “In developing this kind of technology, the challenge has always been to introduce automation to theming production while still allowing artistry and creativity to shine through,” explains Streamline’s President Dwayne Lehman. “By automating the most tious parts of the carving process, this is exactly what our automat foam carving system does.”

The process of creating Themed:

Environments with an automat foam carving system is all about using technology. To boost the efficiency and creativity of existing production processes. Starting with a 3D laser scanner, a scale model can be scann and translat into a 3D data file. Which can then be it with design software.
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This software can also be us to digitally model a piece without scanning. Giving the user complete creative control and a degree of flexibility impossible with conventional processes. Once the data file is ready, it’s sent to a hot wire cutter or 3D CNC router.

Where an enlarg foam version can be creat in any size. When spray with a protective coating, the result is a durable product. That can stand up to the elements and to everyday wear and tear. With this foam version as the foundation, an artist. Sculptor can then add the artistic details and bring the piece to life.

“Automat foam carving offers the best of both worlds,” explains Lehman. “By eliminating the most tious and time consuming parts of the carving process, efficiency and productivity get a serious boost. Artists’ time is fre up to focus on the truly creative elements of their work. And the end result is them environments with new levels of quality.”

With the perfect Themed of art and technology:

Foam carving systems are opening up new levels of efficiency, productivity and creativity for businesses involv in them environment production. Thanks to this new technology and the opportunities it creates, the world of theming promises to get even more creative.