Valet Parking allows the customers to self-park instead of searching for a parking space. Using this way, companies generate additional income. This is a type of high-value service in which a driver pulls into a designated parking area and a valet parks the car for the customer. While the valet is parking the vehicle, the customer can go about his or her business.

A Valet parking software is a tool that adds more features to the customers while parking cars. This type of software offers different features to the customers. For example photo-based vehicle damage inspection, ticketless valet options, etc.


How do you select the best parking software for your business?

First of all, before you can select the best parking software for your business, you need to determine your needs. For example, determine how many vehicles you want to manage, how many locations you want to cover, how many employees you want to be involved with, and how many customers you want to serve. Once you know your needs, you can determine what to look for in parking software. After hours of search, we are here with best-in-class Valet Software for you.

This “Valet Parking Software” is a combination of desktop and mobile tools. By using this software, the operator can increase business revenue, reduce labor and damage claims, and increase service quality. This software offers many popular features. These features are ticketless valet options, PCI compliant credit card processing, photo-based vehicle damage inspection, and integrations with external software like PARCS, hotel, and management systems.


Benefits of using Valet Parking Software

  • Increase in business revenue
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Fewer cases of damage claims
  • Recording feature that records each step in the valet parking process, from car arrival to departure.
  • Integrates with the hotel management system to post parking charges directly to guest folios
  • Uses 5 major gateways with P2PE and EMV solutions to process credit card transactions
  • Generates the effectiveness reports that improve the process of effective valet service
  • Integrate to the widely used casino, hotel management systems, and all major PARCS.


The functionality of the software

The main functionalities of this software are:

App management

Keep monitoring and track of everything in the application. This includes quick check-in with valet customers, and track of all valet drivers, vehicle request times, and deliver parking and retrieval information directly to your valet attendants, etc.

Payment methods

This software accommodates and handles different forms of payments, discounts, and an unlimited number of rate structures.

Use photos

Saves the photos of the car at arrival time with specified date, time, ticket number, and location of the car. This is for your protection against fraudulent customer claims.

An assistant (Valexa) for ticketless valet

A world’s first valent parking skill, that is developed for Amazon’s electronic personal assistant, Alexa. Using this tool, the customer can instantly connect to any department in a hotel or casino operation.

CVPS.NET parking technology

A desktop client-server valet system in the cloud or local configurations to virtually adjust any valet client infrastructure.

Customer request KIOSKS

This is a more convenient and flexible way for car parking payment and vehicle return requests.

Valet Inspection Lanes

In the case of small to medium volume valet operations, mobile valet solution works well but in high volume valet environments, a fixed lane is the best solution. For example entry and exit lanes or canopy outdoors, etc.


Different payment options

The valet parking software offers many payment options. These options are:

  • Pay using a mobile phone (use credit card and phone number)
  • Online ticket reservations and payments
  • Ticketless valet (compatible with the mobile credit card)
  • Stand-alone validators (at the time of arrival and departure)
  • Contactless payment (offers Google Pay, Apple Pay, and NFC payment technology)
  • Ticket validation on a web-based interface

We hope you enjoyed reading about how Parking Software can help you manage your parking business. This Valet Parking Software will help you in your parking business and improve your customer experience.