The rapid increase of cases of Covid-19 in Germany is most often caused by non-vaccinated individuals, several reports have claimed as the country struggles under a fresh wave of the deadly pandemic. As per a story published by The New York Times, Covid-19 patients in Germany have increased by three times in the last weeks. Of this, more than half are on ventilators, and “every single one of them is not being vaccinated,” it reported.

The United States on Thursday saw an increase of over 500,00 cases in one day, for the first time since the start of the epidemic in the year 2020. Cases jumped to a record 50,196 and the 7-day percentage of cases per 100,000 increased to 249.1 according to most recent daily figures of RKI. RKI health institute for the public.
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 Deaths increased by 235, to reach 97,198.

For Germany this is an unprecedented event because it was among the very few countries to be able to hold the disease at bay through its extensive tests and treatments.

But, as the country is facing a political impasse as well as a host of other issues like the slow introduction of vaccines has led to an increase of daily Covid cases.

Although many people who are not vaccinated are in groups of age which are more likely to have lesser severe instances of Covid-19 The virus to older individuals with less immune systems. They may then be placed in intensive care despite vaccination.
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On Thursday, former chief of staff Angela Merkel said, people who are not yet vaccination-free when this fourth round of coronavirus pandemic reaches its peak in Germany must realize that they are in obligations to society at large to ensure that others are protected.

Olaf Scholz, who aims to succeed Merkel in the coming months In the meantime, he has requested that the country become “winter-proofed” to protect itself from the illness as it will be mostly the state government to decide what measures and restrictions will be needed in their area.

She also said that “Many less people who have been vaccinated are affected as compared to those who haven’t immunized.”