German Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz heads to Moscow on Tuesday to meet with President Vladimir Putin in a high risk mission to prevent war. He said he would make sure to convey to the West that they’re open to discussion on Russia’s security concerns, however, they will issue sanctions in the event that Russia invades Ukraine.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin is also due to travel to Belgium where he’ll be meeting NATO allies and NATO allies Lithuania and Poland the day after Russian the foreign minister Sergey Lavrov held out the possibility of diplomacy following his call to Putin to maintain talks.

Aviation executives are concerned about the implications for the way they deal with Russian firms. Sanctions may disrupt the leasing companies’ payments, and any move taken by Moscow to block accessibility to Russian airspace could throw the east-west trade into chaos.

“We expect an Asymmetrical Russian answer,” said a Western source who was involved in drafting scenarios, while adding that the West would likely to restrict its airspace initially.
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The chancellor has indicated that it is his intention to reinforce that message to his side in the West to show they’re willing to talk on Russia’s security concerns, but will apply sanctions if Russia engages in a war with Ukraine.

“We are prepared for expansive and effective sanctions that are coordinated with our partners,” he declared at Kyiv on Monday, prior to his return to Berlin.

The threat of sanctions could be more severe coming from Germany as Russia’s biggest commercial partner across Europe and the biggest user of Russian natural gas, though it could also restrict Scholz’s negotiating room.

Japanese media are reporting that the Prime Secretary Fumio Kishida will speak to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the phone in the near future.
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Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said at in a press conference regularly that, while Japan is “strongly looking for” an agreement on diplomatic issues, it will adopt “appropriate measures, including sanctions, to address what actually transpired and in conjunction in cooperation with G7 and the international community.”

There’s no confirmation from the government of the conference that the media reported will take place at evening Japanese time.

Kishida claims stated that Japan has been “watching this situation closely and with great worry.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the offer “will help Ukraine to guarantee economic stability and growth as well as prosperity for its citizens regardless of Russian’s unstable behavior”.

The US has issued three guarantee on sovereign loans to Ukraine from 2014 to 2016 and also has given greater than $2.5 billion of aid to development to Ukraine from 2014 onwards.