The queen continues to perform her duties as head of state despite the death of Covid and sent a note of condolences to Covid’s Brazilian president.

The monarch of 95 is currently self-isolating in Windsor Castle, but she’ll be free on Thursday, after Prime Premier Boris Johnson announced an end to the lawful obligation to be isolated following an positive test.
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The late Mr Johnson gave the queen a happy birthday message during the Commons and wrote”I am sure that the entire House will be with me in sending my best wishes Her Majesty the Queen to have a quick and full recovery.’

Her diagnosis was “a reminder that this virus hasn’t disappeared.

People who suffer from Covid will be advised to stay home for at least 5 days, but they will not be required to do so under the law, as part of the “living with Covid plans, subject to approval by the parliament.

The Palace is cautious but not worried about her “mild symptoms” due to the triple-jabbed Royal has plans to perform ‘light duty this week, and also to talk to the Prime Minister by phone.
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As head of state, despite being afflicted by mild cold-like symptoms. The Queen wrote a message of condolences on Monday, following the floods in the town of Petropolis.

She wrote: “I am extremely saddened by the news about the devastating loss of lives and the damage caused by devastating flooding in Brazil.

My prayers and thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones, lives and homes, and also the emergency services as well as all those who are helping to support rehabilitation efforts.’

The Queen is expected to conduct an audience on the phone together with Mr. Johnson and hold virtual audiences later this week.

The concerns for the longest-running monarch are heightened due to her age and her recent health issues.

However, the Palace stated that she would continue with minor duties over the next days.

The Queen is in a public engagement together with Boris Johnson most Wednesdays, either in person or via telephone. She has also held one or two audiences for diplomatic purposes every week, with ambassadors via video link. She is expected to hold one or two more next week if things go well.

She has been following the Covid self-isolation recommendations since she tested positive on Sunday.

She will work out of her red boxes delivered to her each day and packed with policy papers, Foreign Office telegrams, letters, and other official documents from Ministers of the Government and Commonwealth representatives, which must be read, and, if required, signed and approved.

A timeline of the events that led to the Queen’s diagnosis of Covid-19
Tuesday, February 11: Prince Charles tests positive for Covid-19 for the second time and is self-isolating. The prince sat down with Queen Elizabeth just two days prior to testing positive for Covid. He had been with her for a few hours in Windsor Castle. Buckingham Palace refuses to confirm whether the queen’s 95 year old has been positively or negatively for Covid and is causing fears about her health.
February 14 The duchess of Cornwall has been found to be positive for the Covid-19. Royal sources confirm that Camilla is 74 years old and was vaccinated in three doses as well as stating the Clarence House will continue to adhere to the guidelines of the government and examine her schedule of engagements. Buckingham Palace officials said they will not be providing an ongoing commentary’ regarding the health of the Queen. An Clarence House spokesman said: “The Duchess of Cornwall has been tested positive for Covid-19 and has self-isolated. We will continue to adhere to federal guidelines.’ The diagnosis is coming while doctors check on the health of Queen Elizabeth following the fact that Charles discovered he had Covid-19 just 48 hours after his visit to his mother.
Feb 20 Buckingham Palace announces the Queen has been tested positive for covid-19. The queen, who is 95, is believed to be suffering from’mild cold-like symptoms’ however, she is expected to carry on with moderate tasks at Windsor throughout the week ahead. There have been several cases of colds that have been identified in the Windsor Castle team, according to reports.
She felt good enough to pay tribute to the Team GB gold medal at curling in the Winter Olympics and ‘cheered at the tele’ while her horse was awarded the gold medal at Newbury.

However, the staff will keep an watchful eye on her since she’s significantly thinner and weaker’ than the year before and this week, she said ‘I’m unable to move’ when she was leaning on the walking stick.

BBC reporter Daniella Ralph said on the Today show: “The atmosphere from The Palace seems to be one of prudence but not alarm.’

She added: “There are some obvious aggravating elements here. The first is that she’s nearly the age of 96. This immediately puts her into the category of vulnerable.

If you also look at the Queen today, she’s much thinner and frailer than she was one year ago, and obviously, she’ll need to be monitored closely.’

She also said that it could be possible that Her Majesty could receive an anti-viral treatment, but Buckingham Palace will not confirm the possibility.