The time of the year has come, when results have been announced.
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The media is ripe with stories and work schedule of toppers and all the successful students who have achieved high marks in the examinations. The top marks, no doubt, are the result of all the hard work done by students and the support extended by the teachers and their family members. If you are among the toppers, congratulations! We are glad – but if you are not, and are among the type of students who have not made it past the passing marks, and you are struggling externally and internally, became depressed because of the taunts by families and friends, then, this article is for you.

First, kindly take into account

That you are not the only one who is in the boat and not everything in life is lost. But you have not been able to do the right part and because of improper guidance, have selected the negative factors. You have isolated yourself from friends and family and become a recluse. You also have given up on everything and always waste time on naps.

There are many students who have opted for this route, but their families were wise enough to seek the guidance of a counselor. Talking to a new person who wants to help you can open the flood gates of depression and bring about positive changes. You can get time and knowledge to reflect on the causes that led to the failure.
The counselors, as well as the family can give you various options, and you will get confidence to perform more than your capability.

The main reason why many of us fear failure

Is that it is pitched against our most wanted aspect – success. However, when examined, only a thin line separates the two. Both failure and success are nothing but illusions in life. They are merely blocks of our life of what we want to achieve, and success is only a method to show the path to a happy life. If you look at the opposite, failure has to be hail upon as an important sign. It informs you that the path you have followed is not perfect and we need to change courses.

We have heard students answering the teacher’s questions for ‘What do you want to become when you grow up?’

Many of the answers will be the normal way, but there can also be ones, which will knock the daylights out of the teacher. One such reply was ‘I want to become famous.’ When the teacher prodded the pupil as to how, the answer received was ‘I do not know, but by any means. But famous.’

Looking at the above answer, you can associate that fame has been associate with success in the younger generation.

Failure in an exam does not mean that you are a loser

You may be termed a failure only when you give in, with the assumption that you have failed. There are many who after failure in an exam. Resign to their fate and hover thoughts about luck and family problems etc. An honest opinion from a knowledgeable person can term ‘failure’ as good, humble and kind teacher but only if you can understand.

Somewhere, teachers are also to be blame. For their appraisals, they make classroom stars, promote competition and create barriers within themselves regarding the potential of a student. Other than completing the curriculum, the teachers should also possess the ability to view the situation of a candidate. Each situation will be different, and handling them as per the requirement will open multiple solutions for all students.

How To Deal With Failure

The best way is to accept the challenge is as it is. If you are putting the blame on other person’s behavior, then you are taking a wrong turn. Having violent confrontations at home can lead to frustrations. When you are frustrate, withdraw from the situation and put the reasons on a piece of paper. Is it the wrong choice or lack of motivation. To do a particular action that interfered with your learning capabilities or you. Were not able to do a specified task?
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Writing challenges and noting points can open up new avenues and you

Can reach out to your friends, family members or counselors who can assist you with these parameters.

For the last but before sentence, kindly note, failure and success. Are just a way to show us the way to play our role in the universe.

Going through pain because of failure is not easy, agreed. But, when you face one, you emerge stronger. You should always be a warrior and you have to challenge yourself. Success and failures are just moving stages in your life regardless of all situations.