Brazil has released an amendment to the entry requirements for international visitors amid the continuing covidioid-19 epidemic in light of an earlier Supreme Court decision in favor of the requirement of the proof of vaccination.

Therefore, travellers are now required to show evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination, which has been that has been approved by Anvisa Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, an unfavorable test result within 72 hours after boarding and an filled-in Declaration of Health for Travelers. Declaration. In accordance with the most recent requirements, Brazilians and foreigners residing in the South American country who have been away by December 14 are exempt from providing evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination, or detention upon return.
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In accordance with the most recent ordinance the individuals who meet the below conditions will not be required from presenting evidence of vaccination in order to enter Brazil:

Travelers who have health conditions that prevent vaccination against COVID-19, if the vaccination is confirmed by a medical certificate

• Those who are not eligible for vaccination due to age, as per the criteria set as a requirement by the Ministry of Health in the National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19 available through the Ministry of Health website

People from countries with low vaccination coverage , as reported through the Ministry of Health and published on the website of the Ministry

— To accept people in a situation of vulnerability caused by migration flows triggered by a humanitarian emergency to implement emergency assistance measures within the Brazilian territory in accordance to the resources available in the event that the condition of vulnerability is acknowledged by an act by The President, in accordance to the single paragraph of art. 3. of Law No. 13.684 that was passed on June 21, 2018 and in accordance with the current immigration laws

–The entry of a foreigner into the country when in an adversity situation to perform humanitarian actions that are not authorized by local health authorities

The movement of border residents between twin cities, on the presentation of a border residence document or any other document supporting it and provided that reciprocity in treating Brazilians by the country that borders them is ensured, with the exception of frontier areas where the rules outlined are implemented in the specific item

Cargo transporters, including drivers and their assistants in the event that they demonstrate that they have used the personal protection equipment (PPE) and have taken the necessary strategies to reduce the spread of contagion as described by Anvisa

Presently in the present, at present, U.S. State Department has issued an level 3 travel warning for Brazil and is recommending Americans consider a change of plans because of COVID-19.
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 This is because the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also issued an level 3 travel Health Note for Brazil that indicates a high risk of the disease.