Brazil saw the highest deforestation recorded within the Amazon rainforest during the month of January according to the data provided by the government on Friday. This comes as the devastation continues to grow worse despite recent promises by the government to control the situation.

The deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon totaled 430 square km (166 sq miles) in the month of January, which is five times greater than January 2021, as per preliminary satellite data from the government space agency Inpe.


It’s the most significant figure ever recorded for January since the data series started in 2015/2016, which is an area of more than seven times that of Manhattan.

Environmentalists have said they are not shocked to see the destruction rate continue to rise and pointed fingers at the right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro’s weakening in environmental protections after he came into his office in 2019.With no fear of being punished the speculators are increasing their clearing of forest to make ranches as part of illicit land grabs claimed Britaldo Soares-Filho. She is an eco-modeling research scientist from the Federal University of Minas Gerais.┬áThe high prices for soy, beef and other goods are driving demand for cheap land.

“People might be surprised it didn’t rise further,” Soares Filho said.

“There is an effort to clear Amazonia.” Amazon.”

Bolsonaro’s office has not responded to a request for clarification.

The Environment Ministry said that making comparisons using only one month does not give the most accurate image, and stated that from the period from August to January, deforestation declined just a bit compared to the time frame a year earlier.

The federal government will act more strongly in 2022 in order to tackle environmental criminals, the ministry stated in a statement sent to Reuters.

The protection of the Amazon which is the world’s biggest rainforest, is essential for halting climate change because of the large quantity of greenhouse gases that are absorption by the trees.

Bolsonaro has been a long-time advocate for more commercial agriculture as well as mining activities on the Amazon to bring the region out of poverty.

In the face of international pressure from United States and Europe, Brazil in the past year, pledged to stop illegal deforestation in 2028. It also made a global agreement to end all forest destruction until 2030.

Following the signing of those agreements, Inpe released data showing that deforestation in the 2021 year of the Brazilian Amazon was at its highest level in 15 years. The first data available for January indicates that the destruction continues to increase.