Everyone in this world is different personalities. As a matter of fact there are different types of men also. These men differ in between themselves based on various characteristics. Of course, for your benefit we have put together a list of different types of men for you to understand. The different types of men have been explained in detail as below.
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The bad boy type

This is obviously someone who can be thrilling as well as dangerous at the same time. These bad boys are everything and anything from bikers to gangsters and also some rock band people. They are tough and dress tough and also act as tough as possible to scare people away. They smoke, drink and get tattoos and demonstrate everything that is negative.

The adventurous boys

An adventurous man is the one who is very fun and exciting be around. This adventurer person is constantly looking for the next fun and exciting experience. All adventurers love to go for activities like racing, surfing, skiing, skydiving and bungee- jumping. In other words they just think like James Bind and have all of his features.

The seducer man

This is someone who is sexy and sensual and also makes the girl feel the same. Seducers are always thinking about women. They also understand women to the best of their abilities. A seducer is the most interesting characteristic compared to the others mentioned in this list. It also involves various changes in behavior depending on the type of situation the person is in. Thus it can be said that such a person is extremely colorful and interesting. However his seducer qualities can make life quite difficult at times and this especially goes to women.

 The artist, a musician or a poet

This is someone who moves all her emotions and is also complex and enigmatic. Women always like to have challenges and they also like to help those type of introverted and challenging people. Thus they like to be with someone who is complex and also someone who would make them to work for something. This artist personality is both in need of understanding as well as help and is also very complex. Women can also understand the expression of an artist much better than any other man can. They tend to be very attract to such type of personalities for this very same reason. It is one of the important things to remember.

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A four tier system

This IT consulting industry is view as a four tier system and this is explain as follows.

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