Within the first hour after F1 published images of how Verstappen drifted across Turn 4 on the 48th lap during the Interlagos race, pushing Hamilton out of the race The world champion team has announced they are taking the issue further.

In a brief statement that was posted via social media channels, Mercedes stated: “The Mercedes-AMG Petronas team has confirmed that we’ve today asked for the right of Review under Article 14.1.1 of the International Sporting Code, in connection with turning 4 incident that took place between Car 44 and Car 33 during lap 48 in the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix, on the basis of evidence that is new and not available for of the Stewards in the moment they made the decision.”

The rules for the right to review are very clear and require that the parties provide ‘a significant and pertinent new factor that was not available in the case of the person seeking review at the moment of the decision.’

Mercedes will have to demonstrate that a brand new element has been identified It is not difficult with the footage on the car’s dashboard.

It was discovered on Saturday night of Brazil following the FIA chose not to investigate the incident between Hamilton and Verstappen the race control team was not able to access the forward-facing camera from the car of Verstappen.

The F1’s current technology can only provide one live stream per car, and at the moment of the incident Verstappen’s Red Bull was broadcasting its rearward-facing onboard.While it was not possible to find official written documentation from the FIA Stewards about the Hamilton/Vertappen incident, since an investigation was not ruled out by race control and the rules book is clear that Stewards must decide if incidents are noted in this particular case.
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In Article 47.1 of the F1’s Sporting Regulations, it states: “The Race Director may make a report of any incident on the track or suspicion of a violation of the Sporting Regulations or the Code (an “Incident”) to the Stewards. After reviewing the incident, it is at the discretion of Stewards to decide which of the two options to initiate the investigation.”

The decision of Mercedes to pursue review rights is in response to Mercedes manager Toto Wolff acknowledging following the Brazil race that the company has a new aggressive approach.

Being dissatisfied by the decision of the FIA to disqualify Lewis Hamilton from qualifying over an DRS issue and was a bit annoyed Verstappen wasn’t even questioned.
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“I believe that we’ve gotten numerous, many blows to our faces this past weekend, with choices that could have turned either way, either against us or in our favour,” he said.

“When all the time, decisions are made in your favor, they’re an issue that I’m really upset about and will stand up for my team and my drivers, no matter what happens.

“I’ve always been extremely diplomatic when I deal with issues. But today, diplomacy has come to an end.”

If the FIA recognize it is true that Verstappen was in violation of the rules of sport with his racing, it’s possible that they might impose a time-penalty in the Brazil race, or even impose an increase in grids for the following race in Qatar.