Since last weekend, the Freedom Convoy has been gathering support and protests in Toronto and Ottawa are on the rise.
The crowdfunding site stated in a statement that it will withhold donations already made and refund donors who complete a request form.

An alternative online platform offered to accept donations for the convoy.
Three people were arrested out of the thousands who participated in the truckers’ demonstration: one for carrying weapons, one with mischief below $5,000 and one with making threats via social media.
The Freedom Convoy 2022 GoFundMe page had received C$10m ($7.9m, PS5.8m), and organizers have been able to release about C$1m.

GoFundMe stated that the protests were peaceful at the beginning of the fundraiser, but they have since violated their terms prohibiting violence and harassment.
GoFundMe stated that they now have evidence from law enforcement indicating that the peaceful demonstration was now an occupation. There are also reports from police of violence and other illegal activity.
According to GoFundMe, the $1m already released will only go participants who peacefully protested in Ottawa.
It added that “No additional funds will be distributed directly to Freedom Convoy organizers” and that GoFundMe would work with them to transfer all funds to credible, established charities.
After GoFundMe pulled out, another online fundraising platform, GiveSendGo announced that it would accept donations to support the convoy.
The Freedom Convoy organizers have responded to the objections of Ottawa residents by promising to protest peacefully, respect the law and “stay as long it takes”.

Chris Barber, convoy organizer, said this week that “we understand your frustrations and genuinely wish we could get our message across in another way.”
“Politicians are responsible for your inconvenience. They prefer to call us names and vilify us than engage in serious, respectful dialogue.”
Tamara Lich, another organizer, stated that the demonstrators are here in Ottawa “for love of our families and communities, as well as our nation”.
Ms. Lich stated that she was offended at the depiction of protesters being “racists or misogynists or even terrorists”.
She stated that they are “average, law-abiding, peace-loving citizens from all walks who are tired of being bullied and disrespected by our government”.
Police expressed concern about the way that the convoy attracted extremist rhetoric.

There are many complaints, from slow trucks that impede traffic to makeshift structures in parks and lost income to harassment and violence.
Stuart, a chef at downtown restaurant, said that his work was disrupted by the inability to get food and alcohol through the truck blockade and police cordons.
He stated that he was certain that peaceful majority of people are present. As we saw last year in protests in the US.

A small number of people can quickly and easily escalate the situation.
Monica Chohan, an Indian-Canadian attorney living in Ottawa, stated that there were several men walking in groups in front our house wearing ‘Make Canada Great Again hats. It started feeling like I didn’t want go out there. It’s like a feeling uneasy.”