Brazil has reacted violently on Friday (Feb 19) at US criticism of the president Jair Bolsonaro’s recent visit to Russia after Washington criticised the leader of the far-right for his visit to Vladimir Putin amid the escalating Ukraine crisis.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry said the ministry “regrets its tone” of the statements made on Friday made by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who claimed that the trip had resulted in Brazil feeling as if it was isolated in the “vast vast majority” of the world community.”

The United States tried to dissuade Bolsonaro from traveling to Russia who has been deploying troops along Ukraine’s borders. This has triggered US warnings about an imminent attack.

However, the Brazilian leader was determined to go forward, meeting his Russian counterpart on Wednesday, and expressing Brazil’s “solidarity” with Russia.

A few days later The US State Department issued a rare warning to Brazil generally regarded as an all-weather ally.

“The timing of Brazil’s president of Brazil declaring his support for Russia in the same moment that Russian forces are planning to launch attacks against Ukrainian cities and cities, could not be more appropriate,” it said.

When asked about Bolsonaro’s “solidarity” remarks at an White House press briefing Friday, Psaki said: “The majority of the world community agrees with their position of the idea of invading another nation, trying to seize a portion of their land, while terrorizing their own people is not in line with the global values.

“And that’s why I believe Brazil could be on the opposite side of where the vast majority of the global community is,” she added.

Brazil’s foreign ministry reacted saying that the ministry “regrets the tone used by”the White House press secretary’s statement.”

The nation “does not believe that extrapolations of the president’s remarks to be helpful or constructive.”

Bolsonaro who was elected in the year 2019, sought close relations to Bolsonaro sought close ties with United States under former president Donald Trump, Bolsonaro’s political role is a role model.

Relations have been strained in the wake of Trump was sacked from the White House to Joe Biden who has been taking Brazil on the spot for accelerating degradation of Brazil’s Amazon jungle under Bolsonaro.

Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, compared Brazil’s colonial-era capital city of Petropolis to an area of war after the floods and mudslides caused the deaths of 117 people. Hundreds of rescuers still searching for wreckage.

“I saw intense destruction. It appeared as if there was a conflict,” Bolsonaro said after flying over the catastrophe in the town in the mountains to the north of Rio de Janeiro that was affected by heavy rain.
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“I’ve lived here for 44 years , and never witnessed anything like this … My friends have gone. They are all dead, and all interred,” resident Maria Jose Dante de Araujo stated.
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Bolsonaro has promised federal aid to aid the local population and begin rebuilding the region.

The news is coming at an important moment for Bolsonaro who is scheduled to seek re-election in October. He’s been struggling recently with his lowest approval ratings since the beginning of his term in January of 2019 — partly because of how he responded to the COVID-19 virus which has led to Brazil an estimated death toll of over 600,000. This is second in the world. worldwide.