Germany’s Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases (RKI), reported a record-breaking number of daily COVID-19 infections on Friday with 248,838 people being infected within 24 hours.

This is a total of 58,690 cases more than the Friday before: 190,148 infections.

The 7-day incidence rate rose to 1,349.5 cases per 100,000 people per semaine, a new record.

These new figures are being released amid increasing calls to relax current measures that were put in place to stop the spread of the Omicron Wave — but also caution.

Germany’s states are expected to ease some restrictions over the coming days.
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 These include the eastern state Saxony, the state of northern Schleswig Holstein and the central state Hesse.

The 2G rule requires customers to show proof that they have been vaccinated in order to be allowed to shop at shops that are not deemed essential.

Andreas Gassen (head of Germany’s National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) is one of the voices calling to relax COVID-19 restrictions.

Gassen stated that a freedom plan is needed now. It should be a plan with parameters to gradually ease [restrictions],” Gassen said in Friday’s edition of the Dusseldorf-based RheinischePost.

KBV chief stated that stadiums should be opened for more people soon and that the 2G rule would not be needed.

Gassen stated that Germany must learn to cope with the coronavirus. He said it was a mistake to believe that the end of the pandemic would come by no one dying from COVID-19.

He stated that “[COVID-19] will likely remain a permanent component of the disease process.”

Gassen stated that, just like influenza, there are always new strains, and sometimes even tens to thousands of deaths per year in Germany. “We must accept that [with COVID-19] also,” while continuing to offer vaccines to high-risk populations.

Gernot Marx, president of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine DIVI, warned that Germany could be on a “rollercoaster ride” in terms of COVID cases if the current measures are not taken soon.

Marx stated that “relaxation for coronavirus measures as some federal states have announced now, comes too early,” according to the Funke media group.

Marx stated that some measures had been successful in slowing down the omicron waves . However, this should not be taken as a sign of weakness. The federal government and states should wait for the infection numbers to fall steadily over several days before they do so.
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 He said that it would be fatal to get on a rollercoaster ride where infection numbers rise again and then relax too soon.