he closing of one chapter and promise of a clean slate bring a range of emotions. New Year’s one of the most sneakily cinematic holidays. As the seconds count down to January 1, it can be a wildly romantic time to profess your love for someone, à la When Harry Met Sally or The Apartment New Year’s Eve Movies.

It can also feel like world-ending panic could strike at any moment, a premise used in films such as Snowpiercer and Ghostbusters II.

Ahead, find 18 films to fill your New Year’s schedule, from classic rom-coms to time-traveling sci-fi and every Paul Thomas Anderson movie in-between.

The second half of the drug-fueled disco that is Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 opus is set in motion by a tragic New Year’s Eve sequence. William H. Macy’s Little Bill discovers his wife with another man. There bloodshed by evening’s end, casting an ominous shadow over 1980 and the decade that follows it.

The 18 Best New Years Eve Movies for Ringing in 2022

Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant’s tragic romance begins with a fateful New Year’s Eve kiss. Though both are engaged to other people, the couple agrees to meet on top of the Empire State Building in six months’ time. By now, many of us know how that deal soure. Love affair is teeming with possibility at the start of the year. (Of course, the film would later inspire Sleepless in Seattle.)

There’s something about time-traveling that feels apt for a New Year’s watch.

Enter this 2015 romantic drama starring Blake Lively. The first baby born in San Francisco on New Year’s Day 1908. Lively’s Adaline gains ageless powers after a tragic accident at age 29.
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Mahershala Ali Breaks Down His Career, from New Year’s Eve Movies.

If you’ve ever seen that meme of Angela Bassett strutting away from her husband’s torched car, it’s from this 1995 movie—and the burning takes place on New Year’s. Follow as she and her three friends (including Whitney Houston!), search for love and success between two New Year’s Eves.

Of course, there is a portion of this adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s seminal musical (and a whole song in the stage show!) that takes place on New Year’s. But the story itself is about the passage of time—and what better one than December 31 to ask, “How do you measure a year in a life?”

Sex and the City
The Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That, may be embracing the subway—but it was in the 2008 film that Carrie was first spotted near the MTA. While each is spending her first New Year’s without her significant others, Carrie dares to take public transportation in order to visit Miranda in Brooklyn. This also marks the first time Stanford and Anthony lock lips at a different NYE soiree.

The 18 Best New Years Eve Movies for Ringing in 2022
Sandra Bullock’s Lucy saves the life of her secret crush Peter just before Christmas. After being mistaken for Peter’s fiancé, Lucy spends the holidays with his family while he lies in a coma. But it’s on New Year’s Eve that Peter awakes and Lucy must face her pre-holiday fibs—and an attraction to Peter’s brother, Jack.
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New Year’s Eve
What would this list be without its namesake film? This 2011 ensemble comedy from the late Garry Marshall is far from a critical darling, but it does cram as many New Year-related activities into two hours as humanly possible.