So my latest Jobs Tips are about the importance of tailoring. Your CV and having confidence in an interview. Tailoring a CV to the job you are going for is vital to make sure.
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You have assess the role correctly and given your potential employers. The chance to see how you fit exactly into what they are looking for.

Lots of people make Tailoring:

The mistake of placing irrelevant facts on their CV from jobs they have had in the past. If you are going for a job as a fishmonger and have a lot of experience in that area you wouldn’t focus on the fact that ten years ago you us to work in a bakery part time during college.

Every job you have had will have given you transferable skills and these are the points that you ne to pull out of your past that documents that the job you are going for really suits your skill set. If the job you want is more customer services focus and your last job had a big sales element then big up all the customer services focus tasks you did in the last position and play down the sales aspect. This is not being dishonest it is simply playing to your main strengths.

So onto confidence in Tailoring

I really cannot emphasis enough the importance of being confident once you get your feet through the door. Smile, be engag in conversation and always do your best to answer every question put to you. This really is one of the key secrets in standing out. The worst thing to ever do is freeze and answer ‘I don’t know.
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So as always best of luck in your Job Searching and if you have any top tips to share with me then get in touch as shar knowlge means greater power.

Nobody can sell your product or service like you can. Even if you plan to hire salespeople you still ne to know how to sell yourself. You ne to be able to teach your salespeople how to sell your business.

You will need to prepar:

To make a cold calling campaign successful. Start with a script and rehearse it several times. You don’t want to sound like a telemarketing robot, just get yourself familiar with the script so you really know what you’re talking about. Then you will feel comfortable about going off script.

The first call is always the hardest so you can warm up by calling a good friend. This should be someone that will put you in a good mood. It’s hard to stay motivat when you are cold calling, but every time you have a success it makes it easier to make the next call. Tell yourself that what you have to sell is valuable and the buyer will be lucky to have it. Selling is about solving the other person’s problem. Before you can convince the buyer, you ne to convince yourself that what you have is worthy of their time.