Coronavirus outbreak continues in the news as British Airways cancels more flights due to staff shortages; COVID cases hit highest ever recorded in England According to a reputable report; Germany backtracks on plans to eliminate mandatory self-isolation calling it an “mistake”.

The decision to sell an UK manufacturing facility for vaccines to an US pharmaceutical company has been described as “ridiculously short-sighted”, a Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman has declared.

The Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC) is in the process of being built to help to prepare the nation for future outbreaks of pandemics The facility was sold last year , despite getting greater than PS200m in public funds.

The news today was that American Pharmaceutical company Catalent claimed it had acquired the Oxfordshire site. Oxfordshire but didn’t specify the price it had paid.

Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman, Daisy Cooper, said: “Selling this crucial infrastructure is a terribly reckless move that will leave us less prepared for next epidemic.

“Vaccines could take years to develop, and the fact that they are a commercial facility is a sign of the Conservative government’s inability to plan long-term plan.

“This facility was constructed using more than PS200m worth of taxpayer funds to make vaccines.

“With this government spending huge amounts of public funds and deducting money used to make fraudulent purchases The Tories need to disclose the amount this facility was sold for.

Spain’s health minister wants to get rid of face masks for indoor areas, excluding the public transportation system and medical centers.

Carolina Darias said she would make the suggestion at the 19th session of the government on April 19.

If the action is deemed to be approved it will be in effect on the following day.

The decision comes after Spain this week lifted travel bans to 30 April. It will also make travelers who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated from the UK not able to travel to Spain, unless for “essential reasons”.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared that the current COVID vaccines aren’t well-matched to those of the BA.2 variation of Omicron which is currently, the most popular variant in the UK.

At a conference that included experts group from the FDA was later to state that booster shots helped safeguard people from serious negative effects of the virus, as compared to two doses the vaccine.

“This discussion today is a much larger discussion – it’s a discussion for what do we do about the entire population, and what do we do when we think the virus has evolved further,” said Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Centre for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

It follows it was reported that the UK Health Security Agency yesterday declared of they had detected the XE version – known as the latest Omicron subvariant identified in the UK has so far been found in 637 people across the country.

XE includes a mix of the extremely infective Omicron BA.1 strain, which first emerged in 2021. It also contains the latest “stealth” BA.2 variant.


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