Your Kindle Voyage is an amazing device. For readers everywhere the very first Amazon Kindle was a life changing device, at least when it came to reading. The new Amazon Kindle Voyage continues to evolve the Kindle lineup and refining the basic formula into a something that makes the process of finding books, acquiring the books you want and then reading them, as easy and painless as possible.
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The Kindle Voyage lets you carry thousands of books at a time and access a library of millions more on a device that is easy to carry around and lasts for weeks on a single charge. And of course if you are a crazy book lover, you must be very protective of your device.

Why Kindle Sleeves?

Kindle voyage leather sleeves are the best way to go! Unlike cases or hard covers, sleeves don’t add bulk to your device. They are soft and light products which protect your device from scratches and bumps. The felt and real leather used in the sleeves makes them both luxurious to look at, touch and hold, it also keeps your Kindle screen clean and scratch free. There is nothing as luxurious as leather.

It is the best material to store expensive devices and only gets better with time. The 100% natural leather that is dry-milled to achieve a smooth texture will never disappoint you. Tablet sleeves are thin and offer the perfect level of protection. They are either like envelopes or have an open top for easy access to the product. They fit the tablet perfectly. Few of them also have an additional pocket for storage which allows you to carry your documents and cables along.

You don’t need to carry the burden of a kindle case anymore!

Buy one of the bags for the kindle voyage instead. There is an incredible variety of designer tablet sleeves available online. If you hesitate about buying one, just browse the stylish designs that would perfectly reflect your personality, don’t worry about drawing too much attention though! There are also some classic designs available online that you would definitely adore. Makers of designer cases and tablet sleeves offer you the ability to buy online and have the products shipped anywhere in the world for free!
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Unlike most electronic devices, a Kindle can last for many years without becoming obsolete, so you should really protect it as much as you can.

WiFi-based positioning

WiFi-based systems make use of the current infrastructure in order to locate devices without the hardware calibration. For instance, you can read up on the Cupid system of HP that can locate any WiFi-enabled device with an accuracy of 2 meters.

Actually, this type of system sends and receives wireless signals. On the other hand, the WiFi-based system works through the measurement of the distance of the signal from different access points in order to calibrate the position of the device. The access point sends the data back to the relevant “location service”. This is the server that runs the analytics and algorithms in order to pinpoint the exact location.