Many of us like to use Hotmail as one of the mails that you can able to receive. Different mails concerning different issues hence there is a great need.
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To Securing keep out Hotmail password secure to prevent access by third party to our account. This is the main reason behind writing this article so that you can able to understand. How to go about this process and be able to change your password.

As long as you want, remember the password is very important since changing. The password will automatically change the Windows Live personaliz services’ password.

You can able to change Securing:

Your password on Hotmail by first accessing the webpage that will be able to assist you to access your account by writing its universal resource locator i.e. Hotmail (dot) com.

After that you are going t be taken to the page that contains Windows Live which is the main homepage. When you look at the top right ge of the page you will be able to see that your name has been written in that position. You will then left click on it and a pop out menu is going to appear where you are suppos to select account.

Securing Immiately you select:

The “account” you will be direct to a page that contains the general overview of your account. You will then be able to see a place indicat account information where you can be able to click on the change link that will enable you to be direct to the page that will enable you to change your password.
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So that you can be able to change the password, you must be able to remember your old password which will facilitate the change of the new password. You will be requir to fill in the old password that you would love to change and then fill the new password twice, this new password that you desire to have must contain a minimum of six characters either letters numbers or symbols.

The strength of the password Securing:

A lot and will be indicat on the screen if it’s either weak or strong. One thing you should put into consideration is that every password is case sensitive so when selecting the password you should be aware if the password is in caps or in small letters.

For better protection:

You can decide to be changing your password after every 72 days, you are going to select an option that will be able to render the password inactive after 72 days so that you can be able to change the password.

Once you are through with the process, you can be able to save the changes by clicking save where you will be direct to the account overview page that you will be notifi that the changes have taken place.