The current German government and the heads of the nation’s 16 states plan to tighten up regulations on pandemics, according to an unpublished document obtained by POLITICO.

In accordance with the plan that is scheduled to be approved Thursday, only people who have been vaccine-free and been cured of COVID-19 be granted access to certain venues, such as cinemas, theaters and restaurants where they may require guests to take the negative test, when they feel it is appropriate. Furthermore, private gatherings with non-vaccinated individuals or those who aren’t yet recovered from COVID-19 cannot be more than one family and no more than two people from a separate household.

The tougher measures will be implemented as Germany is still battling the coronavirus fourth wave cases, which has already engulfed hospital intensive care units in certain regions, forcing patients to be sent out to receive treatment. On Wednesday, health officials announced that there were 67,186 new infections as well as 446 deaths due to COVID-19.
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Scientists have been urging stricter regulations for months, but the process of making decisions in Berlin is hindered due to the fact that Germany is a country that has two governments. The result has left the lame-duck the Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
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Her conservatives fell in an election in September. She has in uncomfortable “cohabitation” with her current finance minister and her potential succeeding Olaf Scholz, who is likely to be confirmed next week, as the head of a centre-left coalition.

Large events are also subject to limitations, which means that the number of people who attend cannot exceed 5,000 indoors or 10,000 outside. Other rules will be enforced in the event that fewer people attend according to the capacity of seating at the venue. Whatever the number of viewers only those who have been healthy and vaccinated can attend large occasions.

In areas that have over 350 newly diagnosed infections per 100,000 for seven consecutive days, nightclubs in indoor areas will be closed and at schools, the wearing of face masks will become required for all students of all ages. The average weekly rate across the country is 443 cases per 100,000.

To make sure that more Germans vaccinations The Federal government has also been planning to make mandatory vaccination mandatory in those areas that have particularly vulnerable populations, and a general mandate to get vaccinated is expected to be approved by the parliament “in the near future.” In the report, the federal government together with the states will be working to provide second and first vaccine doses and booster shots to anyone who is in need by the time Christmas comes around.

In the final phase, an expert panel of scientists will be established within the chancellery. It will meet every week to offer further suggestions to stop the spread of pandemics and confirm the pledge made by Scholz this week when he announced a plan to form a government that would include the Social Democrats, his Social Democrats, the Greens and the liberal Free Democrats.