Are you thinking of taking a break with your family during the school holidays? Looking for ways to make sure you’re prepared? Here is our full list of School Holidays Australia and  public holidays for each territory and state. Territory.

The schools work each year, with four school periods, with holidays and periods established by the Office of Education of each jurisdiction. The term patterns generally reflect the seasons.

1st quarter – January / February to March / April

2nd quarter – April / May to June / July

3rd quarter – from July to August / Sep

4th quarter – from Sep / Oct to December

Most Australian primary and secondary schools have a school year of around 2 hundred days. The school year begins in mid-January, continues until the beginning of February, and ends at the beginning of December.

Private/independent / Catholic schools base their holidays on the dates of the state public/government, but the dates vary. Most school holidays coincide with Australian public holidays to provide plenty of time to relax as much as possible. Furthermore, all Australian schools have student-free days which are decided by the schools in question.

It is essential that you contact your school for all the information you need to make sure you have the most up-to-date and up-to-date information.


School holidays in individual states and territories

ACT School Holidays

School holidays in New South Wales

NT school holidays

QLD school holidays

SA School holidays

TAS school holidays

VIC school holidays

School holidays in Washington

School holidays in New Zealand


What are the dates and dates of the school holidays in Australia?

Schools in all Australian states and territories have four school terms. Deadlines are managed by the Education Directorate of each jurisdiction. This website provides a comprehensive list of Australian school holidays and terms for each state and region. You can view all 2022 Australian school holiday terms and dates for specific regions by clicking an option on the left.


Do school holiday dates and period dates vary by region of the Australian zone?

Yes. The start and end dates of the school period vary by state or territory, as well as by school level. Separate and Catholic schools base their holidays on state public schools. dates, however the date,s may differ. Many school holidays are scheduled to coincide with Australian public holidays.

To ensure that you are using up-to-date and accurate information, be sure to check with your school for the fullest details.

In addition to the holiday period, all Australian schools have school days off for students. The dates of these days are decided by the school in question. Therefore, the dates of the days when the free time for students is not available between schools. Following.


What is the reason why states and private schools have different holidays?

Schools, both public and private, often offer different SA school holiday dates throughout the year, but especially in the summer months. However, have you considered the reasons for this? The South Australian Department of Education sets all school and holiday schedules for all public schools. They focus on ensuring that the 4 terms run as evenly as possible and are spread over approximately 10 weeks each.

However, the teaching method is different for private school students. Both Catholic and independent schools set school holidays based on these state-run holidays. However, for private schools, the holiday dates are generally different.

In the months leading up to the start of the 2022 school year, be sure to study the public or Catholic school holiday schedule before including dates in the SA school calendar for safety.

How long can summer holidays last across Australia?

The longest holiday period in the Australian school calendar is the summer and Christmas holidays. It is observed by all Australian states and territories. School holidays in the summer usually last five to six weeks.

The length of the break, as well as the heat, make it a frequent “peak” time for many Australians to travel across the country.

How long do you think Easter lasts in Australia?

Easter is one of the most popular times for Australian families to take advantage of the holidays. However, the length of the holidays is different every year. At certain times, Easter is celebrated during the school holidays, or ANZAC Day, which allows for the possibility of longer holidays. Other times, Easter is celebrated separately from the school holidays.

Since Easter is a national holiday that includes 2 public holidays in addition to the two public holidays, it offers the opportunity to enjoy a four-day all-inclusive vacation for school students and employees who are eligible for a vacation.

Traveling around Australia during the school holidays

School holidays may be a popular time to travel for Australians. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for the holiday season.

Since the school holiday period is the ideal time to take a trip, a variety of facilities and services are the most sought after. Travel and accommodation are highest during the school holiday period. Some businesses and services may be closed during the school holidays.

Looking for ways to get involved in activities during the school holidays?

If you are planning to go on vacation or are looking for activities close to home, check out our “Things to do” section. Find inspiration in activities you can take part in during the school holidays in all regions and states of Australia.