Sandra Bullock is one of the most beautiful and attractive women in US, but even though she is very popular, she hasn’t shared too much about her private life.

Plus, she hasn’t shared almost anything about her “stay young and slim secret” until recently

When, in an interview she did with a reporter, she revealed that for over 20 years she had been using the power of healing crystals to keep her youthful and slim figure!

Crystals are pretty, mystical, and truly fascinating and crystal healing therapy has become very popular. It is estimated that it generates over 400 million dollars every year.

Crystal therapy involves holding crystals or positioning them on various areas of the body in order to give physical and mental benefits.

It is scientifically proven that crystals interact with the body’s energy field, creating balance and alignment in the body so there is no wonder that crystals worked like magic on Sandra Bullock’s body.

In one study, 80 volunteers were given real crystals. Six participants reported feeling nothing, but the rest reported feeling a change in their energy levels: they felt more energized and somehow happier.

There are many ways people can use crystals in order to see benefits in their body… But there is one company who did something ingenious…

They created a unique mix of crystals that interacts with the body’s energy field in a way that accelerates metabolism and makes the body lose weight naturally.


Sandra Bullock’s Hemorrhoid Cream

So, remember to strictly include at least one exfoliation day in your beauty salon. For this, it is better to use organic or natural materials. You can prepare it at home with coffee, sugar or olive oil.

Finally, Sandra Bullock uses hemorrhoid cream as an eye contour cream that soothes the eyes and makes dark circles and wrinkles disappear. It is harmful to health.