One of the biggest problems people have in business is the inability to make the right decisions. In the guide, Confident Decision Making by Roger Dawson. You’ll learn how to avoid making the decisions that hold you and your business back. At any given moment in the business world. People are either making decisions too quickly or not soon enough. Most of the time, the wrong choices are made and not thought through thoroughly enough to begin with.

Confident Decision Making by Roger Dawson will help you to discover exactly. What type of decision-maker you are. According to his comprehensive decision-making guide.
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People are either Eagles, Bloodhounds, Bees, or Bulls. An Eagle is defin as someone who peers into a problem. And wants others to get just as excit as they are about it. They want to convince others to feel the same as them.

A Bloodhound doesn’t like to be rush.

They want to “nose” around the issue and find out exactly what it is that makes it so important. They like to take their time on things and weigh all the pros and cons. A Bee is concern with how others feel about it. They want everyone to “be” happy about the final decision. A Bee is a people-pleaser who considers the overall thoughts and wants of the company. A Bull makes quick decisions. They want to be first in line so they can crush the opposition.

In Confident Decision Making by Roger Dawson.

He explains that no matter what type of decision-making category you fall into. There are bound to be obstacles.
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The obstacles are not caus by the problem itself. But by the decision maker and the way they think. He teaches you how to break down the mental barriers that prolong making the right decision at the appropriate time. In business, when people fail to make the right decisions.

People are disappoint and money is usually lost. With a loss of money and disappointment from other more important individuals in the company comes job losses as well. It is crucial to be mentally gear up at work as to prevent future disappointments, job losses, and money losses.

Roger dawson’s Another interesting:

Part of Roger Dawson’s decision-making is the section that talks about when to “huddle” and when not to. Oftentimes people in positions of authority will make their decision bas on the thoughts and hunches of other people when they should be standing alone making the decision bas on other factors. The guide also teaches you how to be more objective about coming to a final conclusion.

Other helpful segments of Confident Decision Making:

Include discussions about how changing your mind is always an option, how to make decisions under pressure, the eight characteristics of confident decision makers, how to expand all of your options, what causes the “drift” in information analysis, and common barriers that hinder a person’s ability to make good decisions.