Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declared an emergency in 50 cities of the state of Minas Gerais and Bahia because of heavy rains that caused flooding and killed at least three.

The official gazette published the decision on Friday night. It affects 17 cities in Bahia in the northeast and 31 in Minas Gerais in the southeast.

Strong storms that erupted in recent days were due to a subtropical Cyclone, which was over the Atlantic Ocean. Numerous cities were cut off by the water and houses and bridges fell.

A house collapse caused the deaths of two 26-year-old brothers and sisters in Itamaraju (a Bahia city of 60,000). Local television shows that streets in some cities were covered with water and mud, reaching the roofs of homes.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declared Saturday that financial assistance will be provided to people who have lost their homes. The exact number of affected people is not yet known by authorities.

Two rival Amazonian politicians settled their differences in a fighting-style brawl in the jungle. This has fueled fears about the growing antagonistic nature of Brazilian democracy.

Simao Peixoto was the mayor of Borba (a town located 90 miles south-east of Manaus) and was publicly challenged by Erineu da Silva, an ex-councilor.

Silva, who goes by the name Mirico, was apparently furious at the mayor’s failure to preserve a waterpark near Madeira and demanded a fight with a politician he called “rotter” or “crook”.

Peixoto accepted the challenge and published an online video where he showed his willingness to beat his opponent by pummelling him with his fist. Mirco was told by the mayor to show his face.

After some voters suggested that Peixoto’s conduct was not appropriate for the man elected to lead their Amazon outpost, Peixoto changed his tone. The mayor assured citizens that he would not take part in any organized altercation within a ring.

On his official Facebook page, the politician stated that he was not a street fighter. He said this in November. “But if he really wishes to fight, we’re ready for a fight… I have always been a winner.”

One month later, hundreds of spectators paid to watch the fight began in the gym of a local school.