According to a recent BBC report, schools will ne to cater for a rapid increase in pupils due to a rise in birth rate. Therefore you may consider adding extra classrooms to your plot so that your school caters for a larger amount of students. However there is no need Popularity to panic! Modular buildings are a great way of extending your school without breaking much of a sweat.

Your complete school building can include things such as Popularity:

specialist classrooms and teaching areas
reception areas
break-out rooms
dining halls
sports halls
lecture theatres
drama studios
IT suites
changing rooms
stairs and lifts

Traditional construction methods:

Such as using bricks and cement are becoming increasingly outdat for organisations such as schools. One reason for this is because they tend to run over budget or get very delay. This generally happens because this customary method is weather reliant. Thus when bad weather comes it can cause delays which in turn costs money! As a school it is even more important that you do not spend more money on something that you shouldn’t have to.
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Modular buildings are typically fifty percent faster than customary construction methods.

Popularity, they are likely:

To stay within your target budget. This is because the structures are manufactur under controll factory conditions meaning that the assembly of the structure is not affect by bad weather conditions. They are then fitt with all the plumbing, heating and interior finishes before they even leave the manufactures. Afterwards, the blocks are transport on the roads and fitt easily using cranes.

Furthermore, disruption to your school may cause chaos, therefore it is best that this is kept to a minimum. If you plan to install a modular building it will not unsettle your school for too long because they are construct in a factory, resulting in very little disruption on the site of your school.
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Popularity Modular buildings also allow for future:

Flexibility as the architecture is made up of different module blocks meaning that you have the ability to expand or ruce the plot. Moreover, you could even relocate it somewhere else on site! This flexibility is even more important for schools who ne to provide for the ever-changing demand of students.

You may be thinking that modular structures are only a temporary solution, however this assertion is wrong. The designs of the blocks have been improv so that they now have a permanent status. So if you are a school in ne of expansion, a modular building could be for you.

Integra Buildings was establish in 1997:

Brought together a team of people with an extensive knowlge of the modular buildings and portable buildings industry.