Popcorn machines are generally thought of as relatively recent. Well, has been around for circa 1700 years. The earliest popcorn machine device found is from South America and is a shallow spherical vessel with a little hole and a handle to hold it over a flame. It is also believed by archaeologists that kernels were popped by heating sand in a flame and stirring them in.

In modern times popcorn:

Machines became familiar in the mid 1800’s. They were large affairs, usually 7 or 8 feet across and powered by gas or steam.

However they weren’t very workable and the machine only really came of age in 1885 when an American sign painter and sweet shop owner, Charles Cretors, was inspir to make one, having bought a trade steam power peanut roaster. He was fascinat by how things work and set out to make something better. All the foundry patterns were assembl by Charles Cretors using a manually power lathe.

He then obtain a license to be a plar and plac the machine outside his shop.
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People were us to train engines, but not to anything so much smaller and were very fascinat.

A short time he had hand-made a popcorn:

Machine that was able to roast 12 pounds of peanuts, or 20 pounds of coffee and also make popcorn. The popcorn machine was more efficient. However, he also brought his other skills to bear with good-looking, hand painted designs on the machine.

These included glossy nickel plate signs and copper and brass parts. He also included the innovation of the Toasty Roasty man, a small mechanized clown on the machine that advertised his products by rotating a container full of peanuts on the top of the roasting drum.

In 1900 he made:

The original large horse drawn popcorn wagon. He made them to meet the needs of specific clients and also sold them through his thriving sales force. Electricity was starting to become popular at this time as well, and Charles Cretors used it to make America’s first electric powered popcorn machine.

Over the next few years the cinema started to become fashionable and popcorn was in demand from those attending.
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In the 1950’s television:

Enjoy more and more people at the expense of cinema. The industry was damag as well and also had a somewhat old fashion image burden. Popcorn makers were resign and start looking more contemporary, rather like the juke boxes that were also fashionable at that time, and regain market share.

Now they are very common in lots of theaters and cinemas. As well as fairs and carnivals. The price of a commercial popcorn machine varies, depending on how large it is.

Table top popcorn machines:

Are now available for everyone to have at home. Although enjoyable when pre-popped, either at a venue, or if bought from a food store. Popcorn tastes much better if eaten swiftly after popped.

It is a healthy and tasty snack that has lots of fiber and can be sugar free and also fat free with few calories, depending on what type of ingredients have been used.