Over 100 have been killed in flash floods and landslides at Petropolis, Brazilian capital city Petropolis Officials say.
The city, located in the mountains to the north from Rio de Janeiro, was affected by heavy rains.
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Hillside homes were destroyed, and cars washed away by floodwaters that swept across the streets of New York City.
Rescue teams and search groups are scouring the mud to find survivors.
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Brazil’s National Civil Defence said that 24 people were taken to safety by midnight local time on Wednesday.
Social media posts showed massive damage and damaged vehicles floating on the streets.

People here are holding on to hoping that their loved ones will be discovered However, it’s a complex situation , with a lot of rubble and mud that needs to be cleared. The people are waiting and watching with awe.
It is clear how the mudslide swept down through the hillside community and wiped out everything along its path, leaving an abyss of rubble, mud, and mangled wires.
The moment we arrived, we saw an entire family in floods of tears, holding the shovel in their hands, trying to find out where the loved one was.
This is a city that is in turmoil – residents are trying to get themselves organized to help in the rescue effort with firefighters. I spoke with a community leader who was named Paulo. Paulo said that his main goal was to locate his son who was killed in the land slide.

Petropolis is a well-known tourist attraction located in the hills over Rio de Janeiro which used to be the destination of summer for Brazil’s monarchs during the 19th century.
But after a full month of rain fell over the city in only three hours – the most heavy rain since 1932, According to the Governor Castro The city’s splendor was destroyed including shops and homes destroyed by the floods.

Within one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods, as many as 80 homes were struck by slides.
“The water came in very quickly and powerfully. My loss was 100percent. It was already a difficult time due to an epidemic… but the tragedy continues to linger,” shopkeeper Henrique Pereira said to Reuters the news organization.

About 300 people are taken in shelters and schools and charitable organizations are asking to donate mattresses food, clothing, food and masks for face.
“I found a girl that was alive and buried,” Wendel Pio Lourenco is a resident of 24 years old of the city, told AFP news agency as he walked to a church to find shelter.
“Everyone is saying it looks like a war zone.”
It’s the latest in a string of rains with heavy rainfalls to strike Brazil during the past three months. Researchers claim are being exacerbated due to climate changes.
Petropolis and the region around it were hit before by devastating storms in January of 2011 which saw more than 900 persons drowned in landslides and floods.

The rescue mission was temporarily suspended and residents, who are afraid of further destruction, have fled the city.
One volunteer rescuer told me that finding survivors in the rubble was “practically difficult”.
The rain that fell this week at Petropolis was the most heavy in more than 100 years.
The rains that fell on Tuesday beat the average of the entire month of February. creating landslides as well as floods in the city of Rio and turning the streets into mud-filled rivers. The homes were destroyed and cars were swept away.
The funerals began on Thursday to honor the victims who were officially recognized, and the accounts of the deceased beginning to surface as did the story of Helena who had begun at a nursery just two days prior to the landslide devastated the house that she lived in with her parents.
“I loved my baby’s company for just a little over a calendar year,” Her mother Giselli Carvalho who also lost her sister and mother in the catastrophe, said to Brazilian the news station Globo TV.