In today’s FinTech news, PayPal is adding new payment options in Germany that give eligible shoppers 30 days to pay, while Brazil could be gaining another digital bank due to interest from Dubai’s ICICB Group. Meanwhile, E2open and PayCargo are collaborating to digitize freight payments in an effort to free cargo from clogged supply chains.

PayPal Launches Extended Pay Later Option in Germany

PayPal users in Germany are getting an extended option to Pay Later that enables shoppers to pay in 30 days without incurring additional fees. Payments are automatically debited, and details are clearly stated in users’ PayPal accounts regarding amounts and due dates. Customers also have the option of changing their due dates for a small fee and can always pay anytime before the 30 days is up.

ICICB Group Plans Digital Bank for Brazil

Another digital bank could be heading to Brazil, as Dubai’s ICICB Group eyes entering the country’s growing sector as soon as the second half of this year. The group plans to initially offer services that include conversions of balances from one fiat currency to another, a crypto exchange and a decentralized crypto wallet. Digital banking is being rapidly adopted across Latin America, prompting Brazil’s five biggest banks — Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Economica Federal, Itau and Santander Bank — to expand digital offerings to compete with FinTechs.

E2open Teams With PayCargo to Drive Freight Payments

Supply chain management platform E2open and global logistics payment firm PayCargo are partnering to digitize freight payments to carriers, forwarders and shippers. The collaboration is intended to help move cargo from ports faster by providing an efficient system for booking, confirming, tracking and settling. The move is also expected to improve sustainability and efficiency in the industry by easing port congestion and pollution, which both companies are working toward.

Paying the World Should Be as Easy as Sending a WhatsApp Message

Thunes Collections CEO Christophe Bourbier told PYMNTS that sending payments anywhere in the world should be as easy as sending a text message. Money transfers between developed and emerging markets, and even within emerging markets, pose a particular challenge due to unconnected platforms and various regulations. Bourbier said most of the issues happen in cross-border peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers and between a business sending less than $30,00 to an individual in another country. He added that one of the company’s goals is to make cross-border payments simple, fast and cost-effective.

Robinho has already caused public outrage by being pictured playing his beloved footvolley (without a mandatory mask) on the Canal 6, his favourite waterside spot.

Facing public hostility and media scrutiny, he has to figure out a way to keep practising.

He asks his old team, Santos, whether he can use their facilities.

They immediately grant him access.
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But there is one major issue that is shockingly ignored: Robinho’s 2017 conviction for taking part in a gang rape in Italy and a nine-year jail sentence he unsuccessfully appealed against and has subsequently refused to return to Europe to complete.

Robinho loses final appeal against rape conviction
Insight: Robinho’s rape case and Brazil’s gender problem
The man who was once Britain’s most expensive footballer (joining Manchester City for £32.5m in 2008) had become a free agent after leaving Turkish side Istanbul Basaksehir and could be seen arriving at the Santos training ground in his Beetle almost every day.

His presence was welcomed by many officials, players and fans at the club, who appeared hopeful of luring him into signing for them for the fourth time in his career.

Santos would actually reach a five-month deal a month later, announcing his signing on 10 October, the same day Brazil celebrated its ‘National Day of Fight Against Violence Against Women’.

Bancada das Series, a feminist collective formed by Santos fans, would later tell Placar magazine: “We need our voice to be heard. We, Santos women’s fans, don’t want him at the club.”

When a sponsor ended a contract over the signing and multiple others protested, saying it was disrespectful to women, Santos suspended his deal, stating that the player would be “focusing on his defence”.

That ended last week when Robinho lost his final appeal against a conviction for taking part in the gang rape of a then 23-year-old Albanian woman in a Milan nightclub in 2013 and had his jail sentence upheld by Italy’s top court.
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Despite the public outcry, one of Santos’ youth academy pitches is still named after him and his image can be found at multiple locations inside the Vila Belmiro stadium.

So far, no member of the club’s board has come forward to speak about it.

“I’m no longer the president, so out of respect, it’s the current administration who should address this issue,” former leader Orlando Rollo, who brought Robinho back in 2020, told BBC Sport.

Robinho is now expected to be included on Interpol’s list of wanted criminals.