Over the years the parcel security in Europe has been exceptionally good. And the bulk of letters and go through with no problem. Every so often there will be a small problem. But the input of security cameras and other systems tend to point.
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To a parcels whereabouts at anyone time so that the chances of losing a parcel is very low and if it does occur the loss can be track back directly to the last place it was seen and the last person that handle.

The result has been to produce:

A very trustworthy system. The best parcel carriers pride themselves on this service and their reputations rely on such a good service. This is not the case throughout the World and at the moment there is a very strong argument going on between the customers and the Russian Postal Service, because the customers are claiming that parcels have gone missing in Russia.

One person order a tablet computer from an Internet site in the UK but it never arriv. A parcel did arrive and it now contain 4 stones, which in total gave the same weight as the tablet computer.

Parcel Another person bought:

A cell phone and receiv a bar of soap instead. A man who order a video camera receiv a bag of sugar. And couple who went to the post office to collect. A parcel that was suppos to hold a Mac 3 computer found the parcel empty. Rather surprisingly the Russian Post Office have come back with a strong sense of righteousness claiming that they only lose 3% of packages after one of the officials of consumer protection office, Alexei Samokhvalov call the results alarming.

An internet site call Post Office Thieves have receiv a good many posts recalling their losses but the Post Office object strongly to being call thieves.
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The Russian Post Office has 380,000 workers in 42,000 branches and the management are strongly defending their workforce but the complaints keep coming and it will ne a little diplomacy to resolve the problem so that the people are appeas.

The final outcome is Parcel:

Being a State enterprise normally the Post Office would win. But the Internet has open up a hornets nest. And it may well be a more sensible. Approach to beef up the postal systems. So that all parties can be assur of a good parcel service in future.

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