Those over 30 can remember a time when paper retail bags were the norm.

Although plastic alternatives were introduc in the late 1970s, grocery stores and other establishments were relatively slow about switching over.

As the late 80’s mov into the early 90’s, however, the change had been embrac by nearly everyone.

They were easier to carry, lighter, and they saved the companies money. It seemed everything was turning out for the best. That is, all was well until people realized the harm they were doing to the environment. Plastic is still largely the choice for stores across the country, but there are very good reasons for making the switch back.
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The Biodegradable Paper Factory

Unlike plastic, paper retail bags are made from natural materials, which means that nature can break them back down into their original elements when they are thrown into a landfill. Plastic is another story altogether.

These simply sit in the landfill until virtually the end of time, causing municipalities across the country to move forward with plans for additional space. As the Pixar film Wall-E showed in stark detail, this is not a forward-thinking solution. Recycling is always a possibility with plastic, but the costs are prohibitive in most cases.

The Tree Debate Paper

Of course, paper retail bags aren’t without their detractors. Those who advocate staying with plastic will point out the number of trees that have to be felled each year to keep us in paper products. While this is undeniable, the fact remains that trees are a renewable resource, unlike the oils and fossil fuels that go into creating plastic. Responsible lumber companies ensure that they replace as much as they eliminate. Is the problem without merit? No, there have been many wildlife and environmental tragedies due to irresponsible logging. Hopefully, however, the worst practices are moving into obsolescence.

Reduction Of Litter

One of the biggest advantages of paper retail. Bags is that a single unit can hold much more than your typical plastic counterpart. While the bottom can come out of a paper bag just as it can on a plastic one. It is much less likely due to way people carry them.

Because they can hold more, fewer of them are using, and litter can reduce. If you’re concerned about improving. The appearance of your neighborhood and city.
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You could contribute to the solution by making the switch back to paper. In an era where those companies who make bold choices in favor of. The environment are often rewarded by customer loyalty, it is a sensible decision.