More than 30,000 residents across three communities outside Denver were force to evacuate Thursday afternoon fires .
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Strong winds and downed power lines rapidly grew across the area. Authorities say hundreds of homes and buildings have burned.

Boulder County’s Office of Emergency Management ordered residents in both the city of Louisville, Colo. The town of Superior to quickly evacuate the area, as officials with.

The National Weather Service for Denver and Boulder called the situation life-threatening. In much of the Broomfield are also now under a mandatory evacuation order.

In a news conference on Thursday evening, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle estimated that close to 600 homes, a Target shopping complex and a hotel had been destroye by fire in the area, Pelle said. Other structures in and around Superior may have been lost or damaged.

As of this time, there currently of casualties fires.

“Due to the magnitude of this fire, the intensity of this fire and its presence in such a heavily populated area, we would not be surprise if there are injuries or fatalities,” Pelle said.

Pelle said only one injury had been reporte as of Thursday evening, that of one first responder who got debris in his eye. An additional six people who were injured in the fires are being treate. UCHealth Broomfield Hospital, 30 minute. away from Boulder. Spokesperson Kelli Christensen told NPR member station Colorado Public Radio. There is no word yet on their condition.

“If you’re in the area, please act quickly,” the Boulder Office of Emergency Management said in a tweet to Louisville residents.

Gov. Jared Polis declared a state of emergency in response to the wildfires, allowing for the state to quickly access its emergency response resources for residents, including the Colorado National Guard.

A nearby portion of U.S. Highway 36 also shut down fires .

“Prayers for thousands of families evacuating from the fires in Superior and Boulder County,” Polis said in a tweet. “Fast winds are spread flames quickly and all aircraft are ground.”

Mountain View Deputy Fire Marshal Michelle Kelly told member station CPR. She didn’t have an estimate of the number of firefighters working the wildfire. “We do have resources from all along the front range and mountain communities that are assisting,” Kelly said.

Xcel Energy, the utility company servicing customers in the area, is reporting more than 305 power. Outages across Colorado with 31,000 customers impacted, as of 7 p.m., local time. The highest number of outages is around the Boulder area. Where crews have responded to at least three fires due to downed power lines.

Dry weather and high winds have made winter wildfires more likely in Colorado.
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A pattern likely to become more frequent due to climate change, CPR reports.

The powerful winds that fanned the flames during the day have died down to lighter gusts in the region, promising better fighterfighting conditions on Friday.

Mudslides, Worsened By Last Year’s Wildfires, Shut Down A Vital Colorado Highway

Smoke was visible from miles away in the city of Boulder, with widespread wind gusts in the area reaching up to 100 mph, according to the National Weather Service.