The future wireless broadband will provide the users high spe of data access. Operators multimia business with its improvement. The shortage of spectrum resources is always concern by people, which is becoming more and more serious nowadays.

The spectrum resources shortage of the 3G wireless service is serious in Asia; therefore, the operators are facing the heavy pressure. Currently, the Feral Communications Commission in America has promulgat the white paper to illustrate the coming spectrum crisis. The white paper also suggests distributing 500MHz new spectrum to the wireless broadband within ten years.

The rapid Operators of wireless:

The distribution of these resources is becoming frequent. On one hand, the 3G wireless business is increasing; on the other hand, the broadband has a bottle-neck. This situation is unfavorable to the development of internet of things. Therefore, the economical operation of these resources is one of the methods. Governments should advocate the corporations to share the spectrum.

Under the explosive growth of internet all over the world, the LTE is becoming the common choice of the operators. How to implement the largest LTE effect with the limit spectrum resources is the issue of the operators all over the world. In order to meet users’ increasing demand of data processing, most of the network and frequency channel are overload running.

Experts Operators maintain:

That the internet of things uses most of these resources. Apart from the family usage, the internet of things has other applications which are more than the scale of communication. There are fifty billion terminals should be connect together with the wireless method after the internet of things is implement officially. The distribut spectrum can not meet the demand.

The spectrum crisis will happen quickly if no action is taken by people. How to solve the problem of spectrum resources shortage is the common problem in the communication industry all over the world. The relat integrat circuit is SA2005P.

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What Is This Operators?

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