The funny thing about statistics is that they can be skew bas on. Who nes them and what angle they are trying to portray. For instance, if you want to use obesity in children statistics. To show that the numbers are tapering off and ease. The fears of the people in your community.

You can Obesity the numbers from one of the groups:

That are actually slowing down. Never mind that as a whole those numbers have done little. Real changing or that in some groups.
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The rate of obesity is actually climbing rather than slowing down.

The obesity in children statistics are often us by different groups to further their agenda. For instance, someone who sells video game systems is going to use. Those numbers very carefully- after all if they do not. They will not be able to justify trying to sell these products to the kids.

Obesity games are one of the first things:

To be blam for childhood obesity in many cases. So using these stats can be borderline marketing suicide. Especially if it is not done with great care. Addressing the fact that video games can be sentary. And that there are alternatives that will allow the child to play games while still getting. Some exercise may be the only thing to do for these marketers.

They can’t not address the white elephant in the room. The increasing and very troubling picture being paint by the obesity in children statistics.

But, there are other groups:

Who are fine with using these numbers for things. That are more insidious- including those who want to use these numbers. To suggest that there is nothing wrong at all and that nothing nes to change.
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These are usually the people who are being call to task. For the school’s role in the increase in the obesity in children statistics. Bad school lunches, shorten or a complete lack of physical activity. And outdoor time are all contributors, but the school boards don’t want to admit. That to the parents and the children that they are failing in a vitally important way.

Finally, Obesity year:

When the political season gears up, the politicians will use these numbers in the way that they see fit so that they can get votes and then forget about whatever was said about the children and the obesity in children statistics that they felt compell to cite during their campaign.