Noise reduction headsets are an amazing new technology. That have really just reached mainstream levels in the last few years. The Bose company was one of the first to popularize the use of these headphones.
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And who had a product that worked exceptionally well.

In the recent past many other manufacturers have come out with competing products. Now you can easily find reduction headphones and headsets in a wide price range. As the market has expanded, the price has come down and the quality of many products has decidedly improved.

Being able to wear a Noise headset:

And have the background noise nearly completely disappear is an exceptional experience. The idea behind noise canceling technology is that your headset has a tiny. Microphone included that monitors the ambient that surrounds you. The included circuitry then immediately reverses. The wave of the bothersome outside and play back a canceling wave that reduces or does a very good job of highly eliminating the background.
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While your mileage may vary, you will find that the various models all do a good job in some areas while they may not meet your expectations in others. Headsets that totally cover your ears and provide an additional physical barrier to noise may do a better job than those that rely only on the noise canceling technology to work.

Noise Most models offer:

The option of being able to plug in your laptop or MP3 player. Or use them on a planes audio system so that you both get. The reduction of background and can listen to music. Other audio at the same time. However, the headset can use on their own. To just supply reduction in the background noise in loud or noisy situations.

An additional branch that the technology is taking is in making. ‘Comfortable’ headphones that can be worn while sleeping. These are made of soft material and would be an ideal for a long plane. Ride and a long nap at the same time. These sleep headphones often are using those. Who listen to subliminal or sleep music and want headphones that are extremely comfortable.

Since the headsets:

Use active electronics to create the noise cancelling effect, they all need a power source. This is usually a triple A battery but models are available with many different options. They are also packaging with various options to allow connection to different audio sources.

You will want to Noise:

Trying noise reduction headsets if you frequently fly or travel long distances. If you are exposed to work or other situations with high levels of background. The difference between a pleasant quiet experience and the noisy irritating times of the past will quickly convince you how effective and essential this technology is.