Most Popular KickAss Torrent webSites (KAT) in 2021


If you think, the pirates are removed from all of the world you are wrong, now these pirates are replaced by internet pirates. Although the motives and aims of these pirates are unique. These pirates did not use to hunt the treasure like previous pirates, whereas they try to download the different software, games, videos free of cost. KickAss Torrent sites (KAT) are used to download these copyrighted movies and software; these websites bring millions of users on daily basis. These torrent sites are not accessible in many countries, as it is an illegal way to access any website content. Different admins manage these proxy websites, these websites look similar to each other, whether their work can be different from one another. Today, some people have a misconception in their mind, that there are only two sites that facilitate piracy like KickAss Torrent sites (KAT) and Pirate Bay Torrents but in reality, there are thousands of websites that give access to copyrighted content. As in past, authorities try their best to stop the other piracy theft, now authorities doing exactly the same by taking proper measures in order to prevent these pirates, that’s why accessing these torrent sites is not a very easy task. But still, there are thousands of torrent websites that provide the best downloading experience. Many institutions like the Motion Picture Association of America are failing to prevent this piracy and the reason is that there are a large number of people, who tries their best to download the TV shows and music albums free of the cast by using this technology, even this way to access the copyrighted content is not illegal and may be very useful as it finds the license-free content free of cost. By using torrent websites, one can download large files and heavy software that may be highly paid, and the download process is done through peer to peer network. Torrent sites also used for other purposes, i.e. to download content freely which is against the copyrighted laws and the intellectual property rights like TV shows, movies, games, and music. New research has been discovered that claims, as there are thousands of websites that provide links to download the copyrighted content, and there are millions of visitors’ malware that use these links. If someone claims, there is a piracy theft, a notice has been sent that demands payment or to wind up the case in court, as a result, the price of that thing can be extremely high. So, there is not only a risk of high cost, the chances of privacy loss and data theft may be occurring.

In the last few years, the most commonly used torrent website was Kickass Torrent site (KAT), but the sad news is that this site is no more. The owner of this site was arrested in 2016, by US justice Department and charged him a heavy amount of fine and copyright, is this way, the original Kickass (KAT) was ended. After that, many copycat and mirror sites come into the market, but these sites also shut down soon. Then, Uploaders of KAT and a large number of original staff

redirected to a new site name: Katcr. co. Although, the new site of KAT does not have the original content and reliability of the original website, it facing unpredictable and unusual downtimes, and hence still banned in most countries. Luckily, there are a number of torrent websites that are the best possible alternatives to this site. When a torrent site is blocked or shut down, there is an option to use many other sites as an alternative. Everyone must be up to date about the best and useful torrent sites, especially when you want to download data from these sites. Here, this article recommends various alternatives to Kickass torrents (KAT) along with an explanation of why you need a VPN to access the content from these sites. Everyone must use top rated and best VPN to access the torrent site to protect your data online. Strict intellectual property rights and copyright laws indicate, accessing the copyrighted material is illegal here. Must use a secure and recommended VPN to protect the data and yourself while accessing that copyrighted material. Keep in mind, any VPN mentor does not ignore illegal tasks or activities. Some most popularly used Torrent sites are these:

  1. Your Bit Torrent:

This website an another Torrent site and comes in 2017. This is a free platform, anyone can use to find the Torrent links i.e. the links of music, TV shows, games, and many other things you want to download. This website is highly recommended for new users, as it an easy-to-use and understanding interface.

2. Torrentz2:
When the site band, there is a new website that comes on their place named: Torrentz2. The website name shows it might be like the index of Torrent. Using this site, you can find any data across millions of Torrent sites.

3. I Torrent Online:

As this website shows it is a part of the Apple family, but it does not belong to this family, don’t let the name confuse you. It is a most useful torrent website that allows you to download anything, i.e. latest songs and movies, updated patches and software, and interesting and most popular games, all these are available at this site free of cost.

4. YTS
If anyone has a bandwidth issue, then it is the perfect torrent site for you. This site compresses the torrents; it means it allows watching HD content with limited bandwidth. This site is great for those who are in the search of classic movies, that are hard to find on other torrent sites. This site is mainly for movies not for TV music, games, and other stuff.

5. Zooqle:

If anyone is interested in gaming, then Zooqle is the perfect Torrent site for them while KickAss is not working or down. Although the interface is old but it is very much easy to use and the search option helps in finding the torrents according to your specifications.


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