At 49 , and less than five foot tall Martha Izquierdo doesn’t exactly seem to fit the profile of an TikTok influencer. She’s survived sexual abuse kidnappings, two cancer battles along with two heart attack, overcoming social media was almost an easy task for the Mexican journalist.

Mrs. Izquierdo, who lives in a town of a few hundred people in the southern part of Oaxaca state She has greater than 600,000 fans via the popular social network with her posts accumulating around 24 million views.

What’s the story behind the message that brought her such a cult status in the midst of a pandemic as well as in a nation that is experiencing unprecedented levels of violence?

“I started talking about issues that had to do with seeing life in a positive way,” Ms.
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Izquierdo said. “Confronting your fears, making people understand that each one of us is unique, irreplaceable.
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In a video that’s typical of her work, the actress. Izquierdo saunters up to the camera in a plain black T-shirt with flowery pants. “Today’s outfit is confidence,” she declares. “So you don’t stop believing in yourself.”

In a different video, this one boasting over 300,000 viewers she leaves her home in the morning to go to work.

“I’m running late, but always with the best attitude to confront the day to day,” she states. “How did you all wake up — did you give yourself your dose of love?”

“We were scared of going outside, scared of dying,” she admitted in an interview. “I think being vulnerable made a lot of people sit down and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to reflect on life and what we’ve been doing wrong.’ And that’s where I showed up.”

In May the month of May, In May. Izquierdo posted a video of her dressed to be Wonder Woman to celebrate being in the midst of remission from cancer. The video was viewed by millions and then Ms. Izquierdo was gaining a legion of admirers.

“I would dance, I would dress up, I would wear costumes,” she told me. “I’m not a characterthe person you see on TikTok is actually me. In fact, I’m more crazy.”