Our Ratchet and Clank review: Make your way


May God bless you with the game of the year, the game that I think will win many prizes due to the creativity presented by Sony with this new part “Make Your Way” the last part was almost 10 years ago! But here the game returns to offer everything special and new and even a different way of playing, and add to that the full exploitation of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 in terms of speed, smoothness and quality of the game! for example.

You can go to the settings and choose the quality you want, from performance to smoothness to high performance, and take advantage of the point of reflections and delusion! In general, let’s go back to the game.

The game is linked to a part in which Dr. “Dr. Neferius” returns and he plots a number of evil agendas, including the possibility or success of the Dimensionator theft, and thus the issue leads to problems of money first and foremost with the world. “I cheat you? Destruction.”

According to the editors of Open Sky News, “What is interesting about the topic while you are playing, you will notice the full benefit even with the hand of the PlayStation 5, I mean  DualSense , and you will discover the extent of the terrible interaction! With every part of the game, moving with the worlds, moving between combat, jumping, and more! The interaction is for you and God is awesome!”

Right, I forgot what I said, do you remember Ratchet and Clank? Ok Mo are the only ones in the game! It will be in new characters, for example  Rivet,  and it will also be in old characters, which will return, for example, the arms dealer  Mrs. Zurkon.

And on the biography of the characters, everything you dive into will be in the interchange of play between many characters, so you will enjoy playing and this is exactly what we liked that each character you receive will have an independent interactive character and the way to play with each character has different tools with different weapons, whether old or new You will also notice great possibilities for developing weapons, and you will also notice that the fighting will not be on the ground as well, and the matter will be transmitted by air!

I liked how much the diversity in playing so that I did not feel that there was boredom in the subject at all, in the diversity of challenges and even in puzzles, and by the way, even if I finished playing, it would also be a greater challenge other than the style in which I played the game and you will keep not afraid of many elements?

I repeat and repeat that the visual effects will be amazing, the transition will be fast, and also with the control hand and the Haptic Feedback system,  it will be an excellent thing, and the reason is of course the PlayStation 5, and if you also have a headset that takes advantage of the 3D audio capabilities, it will enter you in a second world!

The last point is that the game is fun, but how was the dubbing in Arabic? First of all, thank you PlayStation! Your interest shows your love for us and I think the dubbing was excellent.


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