GALLEANO I hope that true Caribbean music is not lost …


GALLEANO Outstanding International Producer, Official Voice of La Bella Mafia, Chilean-Cuban group with its own musical style, “Caribbean Swing” reaping great international acceptance, “Europe and the Middle East” Central America, precisely on the island of Cuba, where their songs have sounded on the main radio stations.
He has different presentations in Cuba, such as through the signal of the state radio Cubavisión, live at Café Cantante, La Casa de la Música and on FM dials such as Cuba Tonight from Radio Taino, passing through the USA, in Miami South Beach. , has sound on the most popular Latin radio stations.


As a music producer he has been in charge of carrying out different musical projects of Cuban and Israeli music.

GALLEANO, Dear public.
We have made different music, something different than usual, I assure you!
Today everything sounds very similar. I think that Caribbean music has lost its identity by getting very close to the urban. Our music does not denigrate women, it is a love poem, an elegant and friendly way of doing something entertaining to dance.
On the other hand.
“I hope that Caribbean music is never lost” and does not live under an eaves looking for an opportunity, urban music is important but it must also be collaborative to preserve the essence.

That is my purpose, this is “La Bella Mafia” Thank you!

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