With the number of caterers that offer food services these days it is important to know that good food is more than what you should be looking for. A good caterer will provide a flawless service as well. Here are a number of things that you should look for in a caterer.

1. Proper Licensing

Among the first things that clients need to look for in a caterer is proper licensing. Even with home businesses it is important that your caterer of choice has the proper permit to operate. A license will mean that the caterer has completed all the necessary documentation to ensure that they are legitimate. Also, it will mean that they have undergone sanitary and health inspection to guarantee that they are qualified to be handling food, and that they follow proper food handling procedures.

2. Liquor Liability Insurance

It is common to have liquor served during a party. If you are considering this, then you will want to look for a caterer that has this type of insurance. This is very important especially if an open bar or unlimited alcohol is opted for. Any time that alcohol is served at a party the chances for an untoward incident is increased. With this type of insurance, you can be protected from paying high prices in case an accident or damage to property occurs with an intoxicated guest.

3. Full Service More Than Four Essential Things to Look for in a Caterer

Not many people realize that food services may not always offer full coverage. Some caterers only provide the food, others will set up but charge extra for this, while some may also charge for the use of chairs tables and more. To avoid having any missing services ask your caterer of choice if they provide full service with all things included. This will mean that they setup, clean up after and provide everything from tables and chairs to utensils with the price that you pay. A full service will also help you avoid extra charges on your bill.

4. Flexible Pricing More Than Four Essential Things to Look for in a Caterer

A catering service can be costly, but if you pick a caterer that offers several different packages you may be able to find something within your budget. Along with this, the caterer may provide a list of what is included with each package. It may also help if your caterer is willing to work on the budget that you have. In such cases they may ask how much you want to spend and prepare a special menu that will fit into this price range..........................

5. Transparent Pricing More Than Four Essential Things to Look for in a Caterer

Not all catering services provide transparent pricing. Some only give the base price without notifying the client of Value Added Tax (VAT), service charge and more. When this happens clients are faced with bills that are bigger than they initially expected. To avoid such surprises, look for a caterer that will provide you will all the exact prices so there are no hidden charges waiting to be paid.