Marion Julius is at instagram @marionjulius12

Marion is from South Africa and she has lived and worked in Australia since she was very young. The well-educated person who attended private schools and then furthered her education completing many courses over the years. As a young girl and teenager Marion took to acting, dancing, modelling and ice-skating. She took figure skating lessons, acting and dancing lessons as well as did modelling doing paegants. She also took an interest in Scientology having completed many of their courses she now studies to be a Scientologist Auditor. And will then go through and do the OT courses Marion who is a huge fan of L. Ron Hubbard. Marion is also a huge STAR WARS Fan and hopes to someday to do a film herself George Lucas inspires her and she loves the lords of the sith characaters. She has been participating in creative projects with other actors, singers, models and film makers working on films, songs and much more.


Marion Julius also has a background working in corporate offices and retail she excels at many things, she can speak other languages and is a confident person who is not shy. Marion can get infront of a camera and talk and she can get in a board room meeting and present. She has travelled extensively and has knowledge about many different cultures, cities and countries.


The model from Australia Marion Julius who has recently shared on her instagram page her new photos and videos. Sharing ideas and inspiring others for style and fashion once again Marion has been creative. Over the months she has been working on her new songs and has been once again working with some international fashion magazines. Marion has been promoting products for companies such as Theranight from 13 Seeds. As well as testing out products and giving her video testimonies of the products she is also a Webs Review Ambassador for a few skin care products websites online store businesses. The exotic beauty whose radiant and elegant looks inspire other woman she sparkles and shines. Having participated in beauty pageants Marion has gained confidence and self-esteem now motivating other women and girls to go out there and make their dreams become a reality. The Scientologist who thanks L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology for being the driving force behind her success through Scientology Marion’s found the courage to do her hidden talents and unleash her full potential. Over the months Marion has also been promoting fitness and beauty/skin care helping others to look after their bodies and skin. Having achieved a beauty therapist diploma and make-up certificate when she was younger Marion being qualified to share tips and advice. Not only that but Marion can sing, dance, write, draw/paint, model and act the talented and creative individual whose creativity comes alive.