A walk has never been consider a dangerous or testing activity. The Misconceptions commonly us catchphrase ‘a walk in the park’ is a good way of demonstrating the general ignorance surrounding one of the most challenging types of physical excursions around.

For those of you who have never been on walking holidays, here is a list of things to pack and what to expect whilst enjoying an epic and fully rewarding experience.

What to pack Misconceptions

The essentials pack themselves, with items such as walking boots and socks, sunblock, hat, gloves and a scarf the first items in the suitcase. More obscure, but just as essential, are things like a compass, map, watch and sunglasses. The heavy duty items to include in your luggage, such as a suitable siz bag and a down jacket carry heavy importance and can make a massive difference to the outcome of your adventure. Depending on the type of walk you are partaking in, it would be difficult to estimate the size of the bag and jacket, but the more hardcore, the more sensible it is to concentrate on safety.
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In terms of your toiletries:

It might be a good idea to find a good plastic zip bag. Where you can leave your toilet roll and handwash, thus avoiding any risk of germs. It is vital to continue washing your hands throughout your expition.
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And its usually easier when you don’t have to use water. So be sure to purchase some alcoholic, instant dry product for an effective and quick solution. Be sure to follow up these tips in more depth, as we haven’t scratch. The surface of the extensive list of things you’ll ne to bring.

What to expect Misconceptions

Here comes the fun part. The types of walking holidays we offer includes the likes of the Inca Trail. Nepal and the Atlas Mountains, all three of which boast spectacular views. Fabulous vistas and a rich history. Passing through traditional Berber villages on your way. To North Africa’s highest peak on a Mount Toubkal Trek is a major draw. For some looking to conquer the Atlas Mountains.

The cultural delights of Nepal means the thrill of the Himalaya doesn’t have to be experienc. Climbing Everest Base Camp. There are many different ways to experience the stunning Nepalese region. Including a safari in Chitwan NP or a stroll through the Himilaya foothills.

Misconceptions The Inca Trail:

One of the most desir walking locations in the world. Boasts the infamous lost city of the Incas and adventure is guarante for those. Following in the footsteps of Hiram Bingham or off the beaten path for a truly wild and alternative trek.

Whatever you decide to do, there is no better way to explore the world than taking an adventure, the perfect recipe for a memorable holiday.