King George III was the second longest ruling Emperor in British History. He rul for a period of 60 years. His full name is George William Frerick. He was the first king who studi science as a part of his ucation. Military Also had a lot of interest in agriculture. An appetite for books and open a library of his own for scholars. Was born in the year 1738 and di in the year 1820. In the year 1760 his rule start.
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Military conflicts during the reign of King George III involv his kingdoms, most of the European continent, and also some parts of Asia, Africa and America. Some of the most notable events of these military conflicts are “American war of Independence”, “French Revolution” and “Napoleonic Wars”.


King George III is accus of continuing the war between America and Britain for a long period. He is also accus for being very cruel to the rebels and the prisoners. But, many of the historians defend this by saying that King George III was not as cruel as any other monarchs, besides they also say that no other European monarch would surrender such a large territory willingly.

The American revolution broke out in New England when there was a conflict between the colonial militiamen and the British Regulars. This event took place in the year 1775. The colonies declar themselves independent from the rule of the King after a conflict of one year. The grand strategic plan of invading Canada fail with the surrender of the British Lieutenant General John Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga.

The military conflict:

America and Britain got aggravat when France and Unit States sign a Treaty of Alliance between them. This event took place in the year 1778. France was a rival of Britain. Later Spain and Dutch Republic too made alliance with France and America.

Gordon Riots in the year 1780 contribut to disturbances in London. The British military lost against their rivals at the Battle of Camden and Battle of Guildford Court House. Later Britain accept its defeat in North America.

After the American War of Independence there was a constitutional struggle in Britain.

King George III suffer from a mental illness during this period too. George recover from this illness before the year 1789.


In the year 1789 the French Revolution took place in which the French monarchy was overthrown. In the Year 1793, France declar a war on Britain. During this time William Pitt was by the side of King George III. Under the able guidance of William Pitt, King George was victorious for some time.

But the first coalition of the Britain against France broke up in 1975. The Second Coalition includ Russia, Austria and the Ottoman Empire but was defeat by France in 1800.
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Great Britain was left alone fighting against France in the French revolution.


Again in the Year 1804 King George III was affect by his illness and after his recovery William Pitt regain power. In 1810, he became seriously ill due to cataract and rheumatic diseases. His wife di in the year 1818. In 1820, King George III left the world forever.


Thus, King George III is remember as a scholar yet as one of the first British Emperors to have start the decline of the British Empire. Many still argue that if the military conflicts during his time were handl properly then probably British Empire would have never end. The defeats and loss of territory during his reign shook the British Empire and gave other British colonies around the world to revolt against their rule and later declare independence.

The Reign of George III will be remember more for the military conflicts and defeats of the British Empire. However, his contribution towards the development of science and ucation cannot be deni either.