German President Angela Merkel on Thursday urged the new government of Germany to swiftly take decisive steps to deal with the ever-growing crises regarding the fourth coronavirus wave.

Germany has experienced a an unprecedented increase in cases in the country, with its total death toll due to the virus reaching 100,000.

“The day on which we must mourn 100,000 victims of the coronavirus is a sad one,” Merkel declared at in a press conference.

Merkel’s comments come just the same day that social democrat Olaf Scholz presented his new coalition of his party, the Greens as well as Free Democrats, which is expected to be inaugurated in the coming month.
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 The country has been in political uncertainty since the general election of September, and Merkel ruling only in an interim capacity.

She also told the media the “every day counts” to keep things from getting any worse.

Merkel also called for more restrictions on contact, noting that the country was again confronted with the threat of an “exponential growth” of infections.

“So it is crucial we make sure our hospitals don’t get overburdened,” she added.

The former chancellor has had told Scholz she believed that “we can still manage this transition period together and look at all necessary measures.”

Selective surgeries delayed
Without a clear leader from Berlin The federal states are left to manage the situation. On Thursday, health ministers from all of the 16 German states demanded the postponement of elective surgery throughout the country.

“It is clear to all of us that the situation is very, very serious,” Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek told the DPA news agency following the meeting.

Holetschek also talked about the collaboration between states in this crucial moment, and thanked those who have extra medical capacity to take in patients from areas that are severely affected.

Transfers are currently being scheduled from Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia and Thuringia, with the German air force available to help with transfers of the patients.
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